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The Air Traffic and Transportation section of Aerospace (ISSN 2226-4310) aims to rapidly publish research results from a broad range of scientific and engineering contributions in the field of aviation, such as air transportation, air traffic management and operations, urban air mobility, safety and complexity science, digitalization, or airport operations using model-based and data-driven approaches. We would like to invite researchers from all related fields and institutions to submit their original papers, review articles, short notes, and communications on fundamental and applied results related to the field of air traffic and transportation to report new findings and significant advances in the field. In particular, the section would like to focus on the following research topics, but these are not exhaustive and can be actively expanded by the research community.

  • air traffic flow and capacity management
  • dynamic airspace management and flight-centred operations
  • aircraft turnaround management
  • air transportation performance (e.g., inter-airport coordination, network performance)
  • trajectory and flight management (e.g., flight optimization, fuel efficient operations)
  • eco-efficient aircraft operations (e.g., formation flight, contrail avoidance)
  • airport management (e.g., integrated approaches, pre-tactical planning)
  • delay mitigation in the transport network
  • holistic optimization approaches
  • urban air mobility concepts und operations
  • challenges in digitalization and development of data-driven solutions
  • handling of big data to improve aviation performance
  • data analytics and machine learning approaches
  • mutual impacts of environment and aviation (e.g., severe weather)
  • aviation safety (e.g., bird strikes, safety managements)
  • human factors and operators behaviour
  • complexity management
  • decision support systems
  • process and vehicle automation
  • procedure design
  • inter-modal passenger and cargo transport
  • passenger behaviour and travel trajectories
  • data-sharing for collaborative decision making
  • arrival, surface, departure management
  • greener aviation (e.g., zero-emission, electrification)

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