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Proceedings, 2024, ISCDISD 2023

International Scientific Conference on Digitalization, Innovations & Sustainable Development: Trends and Business Perspectives 2023

West Mishref, Kuwait | 29 November & 14 December 2023

Volume Editors:
Farid Abdallah, Australian University, Kuwait
Vladimir Simovic, Australian University, Kuwait
Alper Erturk, Australian University, Kuwait
Oualid Abidi, Australian University, Kuwait
Faidon Theofanidis, Australian University, Kuwait
Richard Rutter, Australian University, Kuwait
Andri Ottesen, Australian University, Kuwait

Number of Papers: 23
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Cover Story (view full-size image): The College of Business, Australian University, Kuwait, organized the International Scientific Conference aiming to bring together researchers, industry representatives, scholars and policymakers to [...] Read more.
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4 pages, 181 KiB  
Complaint Management through the E-State Portal: Is Digitalization Actually Beneficial?
by Elif Üstündağlı Erten
Proceedings 2024, 101(1), 1; - 26 Apr 2024
Viewed by 554
Complaint management is a crucial strategic instrument utilized by businesses to recognize and eliminate customer discontentment, with the aim of retaining customers, enhancing profitability, and augmenting service quality perceptions [...] Full article
2 pages, 167 KiB  
Exploring the Nexus: Socio-Demographic Factors and Perceptions of Digital Entrepreneurial Competences of University Students
by Vladimir Simovic
Proceedings 2024, 101(1), 2; - 26 Apr 2024
Viewed by 457
Digital entrepreneurial competences (DEC) are “the total ability of the entrepreneur to perform a job role successfully using a range of ICT means” [...] Full article
3 pages, 368 KiB  
Technological Innovation, Entrepreneurial Proactiveness and Performance: The Perspective of Female Executives
by Nansy Karali, Christos Livas and Faidon Theofanidis
Proceedings 2024, 101(1), 3; - 29 Apr 2024
Viewed by 457
Women have been associated with more proactive cognitive processing [...] Full article
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2 pages, 140 KiB  
Unveiling the Impact of Electronic Health Record Systems: A Comprehensive Exploration through Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis
by Eleni Tsianaka and Konstantinos Peramatzis
Proceedings 2024, 101(1), 4; - 29 Apr 2024
Viewed by 498
Understanding the impact of Electronic Health Record (EHR) systems is vital for improving the efficiency of healthcare administration [...] Full article
3 pages, 140 KiB  
The Development of a Research Scale for Neuroleadership
by Savaş Durmuş Bodur and Rana Özyurt Kaptanoğlu
Proceedings 2024, 101(1), 5; - 2 May 2024
Viewed by 470
Neuroleadership is an up-to-date leadership approach that brings together the general findings of research on people’s brain structures and leadership, and as a result of this process, directs the leadership structure by revealing the facts behind people’s emotions, thoughts, and behaviors [...] Full article
3 pages, 361 KiB  
Social Media Use, Value Consciousness, and Brand Relationships
by Christos Livas, Faidon Theofanidis, Apostolos Skotis and Chrysa Agapitou
Proceedings 2024, 101(1), 6; - 7 May 2024
Viewed by 379
In view of the ever-increasing social media use (SMU) from brands and customers [...] Full article
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2 pages, 137 KiB  
Content Marketing in the Digital Transformation Era: Trends and Best Practices
by Ashwani Sharma
Proceedings 2024, 101(1), 7; - 8 May 2024
Viewed by 517
In the digital transformation era, content marketing has emerged as a critical strategy for organizations seeking to connect with their audiences in meaningful ways [...] Full article
3 pages, 139 KiB  
Aircraft Digitization: The Innovative FADEC (Full Authority Digital Engine Computer) for Turbo-Propeller Aeroengines and AI Challenges to Optimized Engine Performance
by Christoforos Ar. Pasialakos
Proceedings 2024, 101(1), 8; - 9 May 2024
Viewed by 431
The digitization of turbo-propeller aeroengines fitted on aircraft is of paramount significance [...] Full article
2 pages, 161 KiB  
Content Marketing Insights from Kuwait Banking Industry: Matching Managers’ and Customers’ Perceptions of Social Media Posts Likability and Readability
by Marcelle de la Roche, Faidon Theofanidis, Fatima AlLougman, Aleksandra Jovanovic and Vladimir Simovic
Proceedings 2024, 101(1), 9; - 9 May 2024
Viewed by 410
The main objective is to measure the difference in the perceptions of bank marketing managers and their customers regarding the likeability, readability and responsiveness of social media content [...] Full article
3 pages, 159 KiB  
Relationship between Digital Financial Inclusion and Country Development
by Marija Antonijević and Ivana Domazet
Proceedings 2024, 101(1), 10; - 10 May 2024
Viewed by 460
Improvements in ICT, digitization, and changes in individuals’ behavior have contributed to the global transformation of the financial sector [...] Full article
3 pages, 163 KiB  
Challenges and Obstacles Facing Women’s Entrepreneurship in Kuwait
by Mirna Safi, Andri Ottesen, Yamen Nissi and Laila El Dabt
Proceedings 2024, 101(1), 11; - 10 May 2024
Viewed by 418
This paper explores women’s entrepreneurship in Kuwait in terms of sustainability, as defined by the United Nations (UN) [...] Full article
2 pages, 132 KiB  
An Overview of the Differences between DigComp Versions 1.0 and 2.0
by Đina Ivanović
Proceedings 2024, 101(1), 12; - 10 May 2024
Viewed by 420
This paper aims to show the differences between the Digital Competence framework (shortly DigComp) version 1 [...] Full article
2 pages, 135 KiB  
Digital Economy in Africa in the Context of Cybersecurity, Cryptocurrency Usage, and E-Naira
by Kamal Tasiu Abdullahi
Proceedings 2024, 101(1), 13; - 10 May 2024
Viewed by 387
In light of the emergence of novel technological advancements, evolving consumer patterns, and increased internet accessibility, the digital economy in Africa has experienced substantial growth (Rahul, 2021 [...] Full article
3 pages, 155 KiB  
“Eco-Innovation”: Transforming into a Sustainable Future
by Sihem El Samad
Proceedings 2024, 101(1), 14; - 13 May 2024
Viewed by 430
Eco-innovation refers to the development and implementation of new ideas, technologies, and practices that aim to minimise environmental impact while promoting sustainable development [...] Full article
2 pages, 142 KiB  
ICT Skills and the Digital Gender Divide in the Republic of Serbia
by Jelena Banović
Proceedings 2024, 101(1), 15; - 15 May 2024
Viewed by 382
Information and communication technology (ICT) is a fundamental component of contemporary society [...] Full article
2 pages, 156 KiB  
In Search of Innovation, Sustainability and Digitalisation in the Education of Women Entrepreneurs: A Scientometric Analysis
by Jelena Jardas Antonić, Antonija Srok and Ana Marija Filipas
Proceedings 2024, 101(1), 16; - 17 May 2024
Viewed by 470
Education plays an important role in fostering and developing entrepreneurship, building innovation skills and creating sustainable business solutions, thus promoting economic growth [...] Full article
5 pages, 170 KiB  
The Impact of Business Intelligence on Business Intelligence Execution Capacity in Strategic Management: The Mediating Role of Digital Literacy
by Mehmet Özgen and Rana Özyurt Kaptanoğlu
Proceedings 2024, 101(1), 17; - 23 May 2024
Viewed by 335
Strategic management involves addressing irregularities, pursuing objectives, and selecting optimal actions in an economic context [...] Full article
0 pages, 144 KiB  
Navigating HR 4.0: Harnessing AI for Ethical and Inclusive HR Transformation
by Kassem Danach, Ali El Dirani and Hasan Fayyad-Kazan
Proceedings 2024, 101(1), 18; - 23 May 2024
Viewed by 373
In the Industry 4 [...] Full article
4 pages, 180 KiB  
Application of Lean Six Sigma(LSS) in Higher Education, in Kuwait-Case of AU College of Business
by Yamen Nissi, Andri Ottesen, Dania El Achmar and Jawad Chahine
Proceedings 2024, 101(1), 19; - 31 May 2024
Viewed by 222
As part of AU’s mission statement, being a leader in higher education and, as such, pursuing objectives promised to be achieved by AU’s core values of PRIDE, excellence in education can only be achieved through quality, efficiency, and Lean management operations [...] Full article
4 pages, 156 KiB  
Evaluating Kuwait’s Electric Vehicle Lag: In-Depth Analysis of Owner Experiences, Dealer Perspectives, and Policy Recommendations with Local Data Insights
by Andri Ottesen and Sadeq Damrah
Proceedings 2024, 101(1), 20; - 12 Jun 2024
Viewed by 180
Kuwait had one of the lowest EV adoption rates in the world in March 2023, with only 400 electric vehicles (EVs) on its roads, or 0 [...] Full article
3 pages, 146 KiB  
Digital Readiness of the Workforce for Successful Digital Transformation: Exploring New Digital Competencies
by Mirna Safi, Farid Abdallah, Alper Erturk and Razan Alkhayyat
Proceedings 2024, 101(1), 21; - 12 Jun 2024
Viewed by 154
Successful digital transformation does not only depend on the successful implementation of information systems but also depends on how effectively those systems are being utilized by people in the organization [...] Full article
3 pages, 145 KiB  
Implementation of Business Intelligence and Analytics in Human Resource Management as a Core Competency for Sustainability
by Razan Alkhayyat, Alper Erturk, Mirna Safi and Farid Abdallah
Proceedings 2024, 101(1), 22; - 12 Jun 2024
Viewed by 179
Business intelligence and analytics have been important and very critical tools for organizations along with a significant increase in the usage of data in almost all HR functions [...] Full article
3 pages, 149 KiB  
Brand Identification, Symbolism, and Evangelism: Evidence from PICK and Pinkberry in Kuwait
by Ahmed Al-Saber, Omar Al-Hussainan, Sarah Al-Shamali and Anwaar Al-Kandari
Proceedings 2024, 101(1), 23; - 14 Jun 2024
Viewed by 124
The objectives of this study are to investigate brand identification, brand symbolism, and brand evangelism, examining their interplay among the consumers of two frozen yogurt brands in Kuwait (PICK and Pinkberry) [...] Full article
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