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An Overview of the Differences between DigComp Versions 1.0 and 2.0 †

Institute of Economic Sciences, 11000 Belgrade, Serbia
Presented at the International Scientific Conference on Digitalization, Innovations & Sustainable Development: Trends and Business Perspectives, West Mishref, Kuwait, 29 November & 14 December 2023.
Proceedings 2024, 101(1), 12;
Published: 10 May 2024

1. Objectives

This paper aims to show the differences between the Digital Competence framework (shortly DigComp) version 1.0 and the Digital Competence framework version 2.0. DigComp is a framework used for measuring digital competences, approved by European Union. The first version 1.0 was published in 2013. The version 2.0 was published in 2016 as a result of adaptation to the market demand.

2. Methodology

In this paper, the author used a desk-based research method to, firstly, collect all the necessary documents and papers related to this topic. After that, the gathered material was filtered, sorted out and compared to give a preview of the main differences between these two versions of the framework.

3. Results

As a result, nine differences were listed and explained. The differences are related to the domain of the title of the framework, the first area, the first three competences of the first area (1.1, 1.2 and 1.3), the 1.3 competence domain and title, the first competence in the second area (2.1), the second competence in the second area (2.2), the third area domain, the domain of the third competence of the fourth area (4.3) and the third competence in the fifth area (5.3) [1,2]. In the Results section, the paper highlights nine differences discovered within the framework, pointing out inconsistencies across different parts of its structure. These variations are title, inconsistencies within specific areas and skills, and differences in categorizing and labeling. Notably, differences were found in the first area, its three competences, and also in the definition of the third area’s domain, among others.

4. Implications

The results of this paper emphasize the importance of market adaptation regarding digital competences and also the frameworks used for measuring.

5. Originality Value

There are limited sources related to this topic, so this paper has a great potential as a base for future research papers related to digital competences, as well as other competences in which digital ones are included.

6. Contributions

As mentioned above, this paper will serve as good starting point in future research papers’ topics related to digitalization and competences.


This research received no external funding.

Institutional Review Board Statement

Not applicable.

Informed Consent Statement

Not applicable.

Data Availability Statement

Not applicable.


The research presented in this paper was funded by the Ministry of Science, Technological Development and Innovation of the Republic of Serbia, under contract number 451-03-47/2023-01/200005.

Conflicts of Interest

The author declares no conflict of interest.


  1. Ivanović, Đ.; Simović, V. An Overview of the research based on digital competences. Monogr. Trends Dev. Appl. Inf. Syst. Serb. 2020, 273–289. [Google Scholar]
  2. Ivanović, Đ.; Simović, V. DigComp: Methodological frame for measuring digital competencies. Trendovi U Posl. 2020, 8, 83–92. [Google Scholar] [CrossRef]
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Ivanović, Đina. 2024. "An Overview of the Differences between DigComp Versions 1.0 and 2.0" Proceedings 101, no. 1: 12.

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