3–6 September 2019, Daegu, Korea
5th International Water Industry Conference 2019 (IWIC2019)

We would like to invite water professionals working for academia, industrial sectors, and government agencies to the 5th International Water Industry Conference to be held on 3 through 6 September, 2019, Daegu, Korea. Daegu Metropolitan City and Kyungpook National University organize the conference as a parallel event along with the Korea International Water Week hosted by the Korea Ministry of Environment.

Contamination of the Nakdong River, which runs around the city and serves as a major drinking water source for 10 million people in the southeastern part of Korea, has been a longstanding agenda with respect to clean, safe, and sustainable water supply. To overcome the agony, the city and public have made every effort while implementing innovative water technologies as well as best managing water sources and wastewater effluents. In recent years, the Korean government and city started to build a national water cluster for the development, testing, verification, and commercialization of novel water and wastewater technologies, materials, parts, and equipment(for more information, click on the link Finally, the water cluster facilities are open to the research, development, and business activities in July, 2019. All the attendants of the conference will have the very first chance to visit the new national water center of Korea, which can play a central role in the water industry of Korea and potentially of the world.

The conference deals with important topics of water research, such as biological wastewater treatment technologies, electrochemical and advanced oxidation processes, membrane-based water and wastewater treatment, desalination and concentrate treatment, resource recovery, energy positive treatment systems, water quality and resources management, convergence technologies, and so on. We thus encourage all of you to come and share your knowledge, understanding, and experiences with international scholars, researchers, and engineers. The beautiful scenery of the city in the autumn season will be another attraction to all the guests coming from all over the world. We hope to see you soon.

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