18 September 2021
Welcoming New Editorial Board Members of Symmetry

We are excited to welcome the following recognized researchers to the Editorial Board of Symmetry (ISSN: 2073-8994). They will be working on the following five sections: 

  • “Computer and Engineering Science and Symmetry”
    Dr. Giampaolo Bella:
     security protocols and policies; digital security; online privacy;
  • “Physics and Symmetry”
    Prof. Dr. Davide Pagano: 
    particle physics; BSM physics; cosmic rays; muon tomography; muon radiography; cosmic-ray neutron sensing; machine-learning;
  • “Chemistry and Symmetry/Asymmetry”
    Prof. Dr. Guohui Li:
     methodology development for molecular modeling; theoretical and computational studies on biomolecules;
  • “Mathematics and Symmetry”
    Prof. Dr. Jun Wu:
     complex network; complex system; big data; group decision; game theory;
  • “Biology and Symmetry”
    Prof. Dr. Gustav Kuhn:
     perception; visual illusion.

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