26–31 May 2020, Siófok, Hungary
4th Integral European Conference

We unpack the full potential of the integral approach, fleshing out the shared vision with new findings, applications, research and experiential processes to accelerate change in the world. Ken Wilber’s Integral Theory is thse shared reference point and other apporaches of integral consciousness are also welcome.
Our collective-exterior (or “lower-right quadrant”) is the realm of the systemic-structure of the conference that defines and creates the field. We use and experiment with formats that allow a lot of heart and mind exchange, ranging from scientific discussion through short spotlight-presentations to deeper transformative processes, evening socializing as well as cultural and community rituals. We say goodbye to solely intellectual conferences and are eager to experiment with creating a truly integral format that has a lot of fun and we-space buzz.
Contributions are made in the following formats:
1. Academic Presentations on research, ciritics, applications
2. General Presentation on application and practice
3. Workshops for experiencials, transformation, healing, practice
4. Artistic offerings, painting, music, dance, poetry, etc
5. Poster presentations
IEC 2020 INFO:
• All programs: 22 May – 3 June, 2020
• Conference: 26-31 May 2020
• Pre-conference events: 22-24 May
• Post-conference event: the Integral Sightseeing Tour with the community: 01-03 June 2020
Venue: Hotel Azur in Siófok, at Lake Balaton in Hungary
• 700 people, 50 countries, 5 continents
• 200 presentations
• 12 keynote speakers
• 80 experiential workshops
• Pre-conference training with Dr. Robert Kegan (also keynotes) and others
• Post-conference sightseeing tour
• 6 days core IEC experience - 12 days all programs
For all event details and registration, see official website:

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