17–19 June 2020, Rome, Italy
The 15th International Forum on Knowledge Asset Dynamics (IFKAD 2020)

The 15th International Forum on Knowledge Asset Dynamics (IFKAD 2020) is a conference that addresses the role of knowledge-based development and knowledge assets in organisation, firm and city value planning, creation, management and development.

IFKAD 2020 aims to represent a space of inspiration and knowledge, as well as an ‘agora’ of learning, networking and sharing where experts, entrepreneurs, professionals and academics meet to discuss about why and how technologies and digital transformation may act as levers to innovate, transform and improve knowledge management systems, working schemes, innovation processes, business models and customer-orientation, as well as to understand how public organizations may improve their level of efficiency and the value provided to the citizens, making government more transparent and responsive, trying to raise quality of life and, accordingly, drive territorial development and positive change in society.

The main goal of IFKAD 2020 is to forge a strong connection between theory and management, enhancing and promoting the transfer of research results to real-world management practices and policies, drawing together scholars who are working at the forefront of research domain with the emerging business and government challenges, such as knowledge divide, threats to privacy, and the potential loss of diversity of knowledge.

IFKAD 2020 will include strong theoretical, conceptual and empirical papers using quantitative and qualitative approaches exploring the main theme of Knowledge in the Digital Age, and it will also host special tracks focusing on other related topics. Moreover, the Forum´s PhD sessions will give a unique opportunity to postgraduates and PhD students to present and discuss their work, and to gather feedback from international experts to further develop their research projects.

IFKAD 2020 will be hosted in the suggestive frame of the city of Rome. It represents an ideal place to discuss the role and the impact of the new relationships between knowledge management and digital transformation, and to be inspired about how to balance competitiveness and growth with good employability, social and environmental sustainability and quality of life.

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