8–11 September 2020, Foggia
13th National Conference on Biodiversity (Biodiversity 2020)

The Department of the Science of Agriculture, Food and Environment, of the University of Foggia, in conjunction with the Academy of Mediterranean Biodiversity Sciences and other Universities and Research Institutions from Puglia region, is delighted to invite you at the 13th National Conference on Biodiversity (Biodiversity 2020) that will take place in Foggia, September 8-11, 2020.

The event represents an important appointment for the scientific debate among researchers, experts of national and international organizations and technicians of public administrations on the protection and the valorisation of biodiversity.

The conference program, whose subtitle is "agriculture, environments and wellbeing", is based on various aspects of scientific research and policies, related to plant, animal and microbial biological diversity for food and agriculture, as well as to natural ecosystems.

The main objectives of the conference are: 1) to examine the urgent issues of biodiversity protection in a scenario of climate change and food insecurity; 2) to disseminate current knowledge in the identification, application and development of strategies aimed at promoting the diversification in natural and anthropized systems, cultural and food diversity; 3) to increase knowledge on the function, distribution and abundance of biodiversity, 4) to communicate scientific knowledge on biodiversity.

We look forward to welcome and meet you at Biodiversità 2020 next September 8-11, 2020 in Foggia, Puglia!

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