Analysis of Energies

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We are pleased to introduce a new Section of Separations under the topic “Analysis of Energies”.

In general terms, “energies” can be defined as all developments and applications with regard to energy supply, conversion, application and storage. 

In the Section “Analysis of Energies”, we are welcoming original research and review articles on the development and application of analytical methods in this field.

Analysis of energies is a broad field and can range over all separation techniques and detection methods. However, theory and methodology aspects should focus on instrumentation and not on modeling or theories with regard to energy application. Impurity analysis and especially identification/quantification of compounds are of particular interest. Reports on quality control and standardization of energy products or materials will also be considered on the basis of their significance in the field.

In all cases, novelty will be the major suitability criterion of submitted articles. Authors should always address the novelty of their proposed methodology and comparison with previously reported methods.

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