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2–3 December 2019, Strasbourg, France
6th International Workshop LowCost 3D: Sensors, Algorithms, Applications

LowCost 3D is a series of international workshops on low-cost three-dimensional
sensor systems and tools. Ranging from low-cost acquisition devices like handheld
scanning systems over inexpensive photogrammetric algorithms to processing
software and applications.

In 2019 the 6th edition of the workshop will be held at INSA Strasbourg, France.
The main focus of the workshop is to discuss new developments in low-cost 3D
sensor technology, algorithms, and applications.

Topics include:

• Image- and range-based low-cost sensor systems including low-cost scanning systems
• Low-cost sensor calibration and system integration
• Accuracy investigations in low-cost sensor systems
• Low-cost sensors for automatic data acquisition
• Automation in data registration
• Point cloud analysis
• Image matching and 3D reconstruction
• Low-cost sensors including open-source and free algorithms for terrestrial and UAV 3D modeling
• Web-based tools for terrestrial 3D modeling
• 4D modelling
• Low-cost systems for Virtual and Augmented Reality applied to the visualization of 3D models
• Low-cost solutions for 3D printing

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