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7–10 October 2019, Kazan, Russia
12th International Conference on Developments in eSystems Engineering (DeSE 2019)

Developments of eSystems Engineering (DeSE) has been established in recognition of the escalating importance and relevance of electronic media, applications and devices in our everyday work, home and commercial environments. These systems have often arisen as solutions to domain specific problems, addressing areas of social science, business studies, engineering, auto, health studies, computer science, communications, geo-systems and most other academic and vocational subject areas. Accordingly developments and innovations in e-systems engineering have appeared through sources appropriate to their subject area with little heed paid to the actual underlying science of engineering an e-system.

The 12th International Conference on the Developments in eSystems Engineering will continue the success of the previous DeSe conferences. The main theme of DeSE2019 is Robotics, Sensors, Data Science and Industry 4.0, and the conference will be held from the 7th to 10th October 2019 in Kazan, Russia.

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