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26 September 2022, Online
Sensors Webinar | Optical Biosensors

Detection and quantification of biological materials as well as characterization of their properties have been central to medical and biotechnology research for many years. Biosensors and disease diagnostics have been evolving through the synergistic collaboration of medicine with engineering and science, whereby photonics technology plays a central role.

This webinar emphasizes the development and application of optical technologies and novel materials for the targeted detection of trace biological compounds for molecularly oriented medical diagnostics. Integration of optical tools with optical fiber, microfluidics and other lab-on-a-chip technologies as well as the application of emerging technologies such as plasmonics and surface enhanced Raman scattering for biological assays are also discussed. Finally, data management and treatment, including machine learning, principal component analysis, hierarchical analysis, to enhance and support classification efficiency in biosensing up to single-molecule counting are presented.

Utilizing a combination of invited presentations and facilitated group discussions, participants of this webinar will address a wide range of novel, optical biosensing techniques, as well as the emerging applications and improvements of such techniques.

The following experts will be present and talk:

  • Dr. Anna Chiara De Luca, Institute of experimental Endocrinology and Oncology “G. Salvatore” – IEOS Second Unit, National Research Council of Italy
  • Dr. Ilaria Rea, Institute of Applied Sciences and Intelligent Systems, Naples Unit, National Research Council, Italy
  • Prof. Dr. Andrea Cusano, Engineering Department, University of Sannio, Italy
  • Dr. Giovanni Volpe, Physics Department, University of Gothenburg, Sweden

When? 26 September 2022 at 3:00 pm CEST | 9:00 am EDT | 9:00 pm CST Asia

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