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Dense QCD and neutron stars
(Editor: Andreas Schmitt)
30 Jun 2019
Nonequilibrium Phenomena in Strongly Correlated Systems
(Editors: David Blaschke, Vladimir Morozov, Nikolay Plakida, Gerd Röpke, Alexandra Friesen)
28 Feb 2019 11
QCD and Hadron Structure
(Editors: Valery E. Lyubovitskij, Mikhail A. Ivanov, Thomas Gutsche, Jürgen G. Körner)
31 Aug 2019 3
Relativistic and Ultrarelativistic Nuclear Collisions: Dynamics and Phase Transitions
(Editor: Alexandru Jipa)
30 Nov 2019
Selected Papers from “The Modern Physics of Compact Stars and Relativistic Gravity 2017”
(Editor: Armen Sedrakian)
31 Oct 2018 13
Superradiances from Ultra Short Electron Bunch Beam
(Editors: Hideaki Ohgaki, Qika Jia, Hiroyuki Hama)
31 Oct 2018 9
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