15–30 November 2020, Online
2nd International Online-Conference (IOCN 2020)

It is my pleasure to invite you to join the 2nd International Online-Conference (IOCN 2020) that is hosted online by:

Nanomaterials constitute an essential part of modern everyday life, both on holiday and at home. Many things we have been using for a long time contain nanosize components, though frequently we are not aware of them. For instance, mimicking nature's nanotech is becoming a big business. Many research groups around the world have turned to geckos and mussels in order to prepare adhesives that bind to dry and wet surfaces alike. Numerous technologies in the modern world rely on nanostructures, often inspired by evolution in the natural world. However, there is much unexploited potential left to explore.

The scope of IOCN 2020 on Nanomaterials is to cover the whole breadth of nanomaterials research and provide a forum for presenting and discussing new results. Topics of interest include but are not limited to:

IOCN 2020 will be free of charge for presenters and visitors. There will be an opportunity to publish peer-reviewed and accepted papers in a Special Issue in Nanomaterials ( MDPI offers a 20% discount on the publication fees for this Special Issue.

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