Nanomaterials 2018 Outstanding Reviewer Awards

Winner announcement date (expired): 31 March 2018
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The Nanomaterials Editorial Office would like to gratefully acknowledge the time and energy given by reviewers in checking manuscripts submitted to the journal. It is thanks to their efforts that the high quality of the journal and quick submission-to-publication process are maintained. The following referees have been selected by the Editor-in-Chief of Nanomaterials, Prof. Dr. Shirley Chiang, to receive “Nanomaterials 2018 Outstanding Reviewer Awards” for the quantity, timeliness and quality of their reviews in 2018. For their outstanding review work, each will receive 500 CHF and a certificate:

Giuseppe Lazzara

University of Palermo, Italy

Katsuhiko Ariga

National Institute for Materials Science Tsukuba, Japan

Gyorgy Szekely

University of Manchester, UK

Giuseppe Cavallaro

University of Palermo, Italy

Noel Rodriguez

University of Granada, Spain

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