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Molecules 2022 Tu Youyou Award

Application deadline (expired): 31 May 2022
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Dear Colleagues,

We are pleased to announce that the winner of the Molecules 2022 Tu Youyou Award is Prof. Dr. Xiaoguang Lei.

Prof. Dr. Xiaoguang Lei is currently the Boya Distinguished Professor of Chemistry and Chemical Biology at Peking University. His laboratory at Peking University conducts research on the interface between chemistry and biology. He focuses on the function-oriented synthesis of structurally complex and bioactive natural products and systematically uses bioactive small molecules (either natural products or unnatural compounds) to study their biological functions, elucidate molecular mechanisms of the essential biological pathways, and develop novel therapeutic agents for currently intractable human diseases, such as cancers and infectious diseases. In addition, he has been exploring the biosynthesis of plant-derived bioactive natural products and developing efficient chemoenzymatic approaches to access these complex molecules. During his career to date, Prof. Dr. Lei has distinguished himself with numerous high-quality contributions in diverse areas of natural product synthesis, chemical biology, and drug discovery. His investigations into the molecular details and mechanisms at the interface between chemistry and biology have led to novel discoveries with potentially significant consequences for molecular medicine.

Please join us in congratulating Prof. Dr. Xiaoguang Lei for his outstanding achievements.

As the awardee, Prof. Dr. Xiaoguang Lei will receive an honorarium of CHF 3000, an engraved plaque, and an award certificate.

We would like to thank all the applicants from various fields of study for their participation and all the Award Committee Members for their evaluation of the abundant excellent applications.

Kind regards,
Molecules Award Team

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