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Engineering Mathematics is a section of the open access peer-reviewed journal Mathematics, which publishes advanced studies and applications of engineering research using mathematical and computational tools.

The primary aim of Engineering Mathematics is the publication and dissemination of relevant mathematical and computational works with importance to engineering.

Engineering Mathematics is an expanding discipline, spanning many distinct boundaries with applications in an interdisciplinary and wide range of present-day professional careers. Engineering Mathematics is motivated by engineers' needs for theoretical and real-world applications both in industrial and research activities.

All fields of engineering and the related applied sciences are within the scope of the section. Areas of engineering such as aerospace, atmospheric, automotive, chemical, computer, control, electrical, geophysical, industrial, informatics, manufacturing, mechanical, ocean, production, systems and transportation, are of interest. In addition, mathematical and computational works of interest include, but are not limited to, acoustics, aero- and hydro-dynamics, bioengineering, biomedical and biomathematics, complex systems, economy and financial engineering, fluid dynamics and turbulence, fractional dynamics, fracture mechanics, nano-engineering, numerical algorithms and computational methods, optics, robotics and mechatronics, variational methods, or wave propagation and diffusion.

Prof. Dr. Paolo Mercorelli
Section Editor-in-Chief


acoustics, aerospace, algorithms, atmospheric, automotive, biomathematics, biomedical, chemical, computer, complex, control, dynamics, economy, electrical, engineering, finance, fluid, fractional, geophysics, health, informatics, manufacturing, mathematics, mechanical, mechatronics, modeling, nanotechnology, optics, ocean, production, robotics, systems, transportation, turbulence, variational, wave, weather

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