Reviewer Board (218)

Members of the reviewer board are selected from all J. Compos. Sci. reviewers for regularly providing timely high quality reports on submitted manuscripts. Responsibilities of reviewers are available here.

Dr. Seyedsaeid Ahmadyand
University of Nevada, Reno
Interests: Physical Chemistry
Dr. Hawreen Hasan Ahmed
Instituto Superior Técnico, University of Lisbon, Av. Rovisco Pais, 1049–001 Lisbon, Portugal
Interests: Materials Science; construction building materials; concrete; supplementary cementitious materials; mortars; cement pastes; nano materials; mechanical strength; durability; microstructure
Dr. Jacek Andrzejewski
Poznan University of Technology, Institute of Materials Technology
Interests: polymer composites; natural fillers; single-polymer composites; hybrid materials; poly(lactic acid); biocomposites; FDM printing; polymer blends; mechanical properties
Dr. Shayan Angizi
Chemistry and Chemical Biology department, Mcmaster University, Canada
Interests: two dimensional materials; surface chemistry; nano composites
Dr. Rafał Anyszka
University of Twente & Lodz University of Technology
Interests: polymer; polymer composites; elastomers; rubber; fillers; surface modification; flame retardancy
Dr. Maurizio Arena
University of Naples "Federico II", Italy
Interests: dynamics; smart structures; vibro-acoustic
Dr. Cristina Arevalo
Universidad de Sevilla
Interests: titanium matrix composites; powder metallurgy; additive manufacturing; microstructural characterization; mechanical properties
Dr. Katherine Aristizabal
Saarland University
Interests: carbon nanomaterials; metal matrix composites; powder metallurgy; severe plastic deformation
Dr. Moniruddoza Ashir
Technische Universität Dresden, Institute of Textile Machinery and High Performance Material Technology
Interests: fiber-reinforced plastics; structural health monitoring; shape memory alloy hybrid composite
Dr. Mohamed Ateia
Department of Chemistry, Northwestern University
Interests: Water Treatment; Adsorption; polymers; photocatalysts; micropollutants; PFAS
Dr. Abderrahmane Ayadi
IMT Lille Douai
Interests: thermoplastic composites; out of autoclave processes; porosity; Experimental mechanics; digital image correlation; x-ray computed tomography; mechanical properties of composites; micromechanics; finite element analysis
Dr. Obyedul Kalam Azad
Department of Bio-health Technology, Kangwon National University, South Korea
Interests: nutraceutical food formulation; food nano-processing/composites; bio-rheology; food biopolymer; controlled release of bioactive molecules; plant photobiology and biochemistry; natural product chemistry; smart farming; artificial LED light
Dr. Amin Bahrami
Leibniz-Institut für Festkörper- und Werkstoffforschung - IFW, Dresden, Germany
Interests: metal and ceramic matrix composite; thin films; Waste Recycling
Dr. Sankha Banerjee
Department of Mechanical Engineering, California State University, Fresno
Interests: electroactive composites; plasma processing; biocompatible materials; 3d printing of composites
Dr. Emmanuel Baranger
Université Paris-Saclay, ENS Paris-Saclay, CNRS, LMT - Laboratoire de Mécanique et Technologie, 94235, Cachan, France
Interests: modeling; finite element; Damage Mechanics; ceramic matrix composites; composite structures
Dr. Mateusz Barczewski
Institute of Materials Technology, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Poznan University of Technology
Interests: biocomposites; waste valorization; rheology; thermal analysis; thermomechanical analysis; epoxy-based composites
Dr. Daniele Battegazzore
Dipartimento di Scienza Applicata e Tecnologia, Politecnico di Torino - Sede di Alessandria (Italy)
Interests: biodegradable polymer composites; natural fillers, fiber, fabric; nanocomposite; Bio-based polymers; poly(lactic acid); green composites; agricultural waste reduction; recycling; fused deposition modeling of polymers; polymer processing; mechanical properties; fire retardancy; accelerated ageing; graphene related material; thermal conductivity
Dr. Somen K. Bhudolia
Nanyang Technolocal University Singapore, Singapore639798, Singapore
Interests: thermoplastic composites; out of autoclave processes; non crimp fabrics; thin ply composites; microwave curing; fusion joining of composites; automation and mass production of composite structures; aerospace structures
Dr. Michał Böhm
Department of Mechanics and Machine Design, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Opole University of Technology, Opole, Poland
Interests: fatigue; spectral methods; Damage Mechanics; variable amplitude loading; failure mechanics; lightweight materials; vibration effects; frequency domain methods
Dr. Maria Addolorata Bonifacio
Department of Chemistry - University of Bari "Aldo Moro", Bari, Italy
Interests: composite biomaterials; organic-inorganic scaffolds; hybrid biomaterials; nanobiomaterials; composite scaffolds; tissue engineering; regenerative medicine; biomaterials characterization
Dr. Marcin Borowicz
Kazimierz Wielki University, Institute of Materials Engineering, Bydgoszcz, Poland
Interests: polymer composites; polyurethane materials; polyurethane foams; fillers; bio-fillers; bio-based composites; recycling of polymeric composites; mechanical properties; Thermal Properties; thermal insulation; flame retardants
Dr. Michael Bortner
Virginia Tech, Dept. of Chemical Engineering
Interests: polymer rheology; composite processing; additive manufacturing; carbon fiber; nanocellulose
Dr. Przemysław Brzyski
Lublin University of Technology, Faculty of Civil Engineering and Architecture, Poland
Interests: building materials; ecological materials; composites; hemp-lime composites; cement; concrete; mortar; plaster; lime; gypsum; thermal insulation; physical and mechanical properties; thermal and moisture properties; building physics
Dr. Theo Calais
Singapore University of Technology and Design
Interests: DNA nanotechnologies; additive manufacturing; Soft Robotics; composites; nanocomposites
Dr. Miguel Ángel Caminero Torija
Universidad de Castilla-La Mancha, Ciudad Real, Spain
Interests: Computational Mechanics; Finite Element Method; non-linear behaviour; Composite Materials; additive manufacturing; damage analysis; digital image correlation; ultrasonic testing; carbon-fibre-reinforced epoxy laminates
Professor Eunice Carrilho
Faculty of Medicine and iCBR/CNC/Cimago, University of Coimbra, Portugal
Interests: dentistry biomaterials; adhesives; composites; diabetes and dentistry
Dr. Katia Casavola
Polytechnic University of Bari
Interests: Experimental mechanics; residual stress; mechanical testing (static, fatigue, impact)
Dr. Anna Castellano
Polytechnic University of Bari
Interests: Composite Materials; Experimental mechanics; non-destructive tests; ultrasonic tests; anisotropy; fiber reinforcements; acoustic wave propagation; non linear ultrasonics
Dr. Po-Tuan Chen
National Taiwan University
Interests: first-principal calculation; energy material; battery; graphene composite
Dr. Leon Chernin
University of Dundee
Interests: fibre reinforced polymer composite; cavitation erosion; damage
Dr. Nguyen Duc Chinh
Chungnam National University
Interests: nanomaterials; nanostructures; gas sensors
Dr. Dorina Magdalena Chipara
UTRGV (University if Rio Grande Valley)
Interests: Materials Science; Composite Materials; polymeric materials; raman spectroscopy; FTIR; mechanical/electrical properties of polymeric materials
Dr. Donguk Choi
Hankyong National University, Anseong, Korea
Interests: frp; external strengthening; ductile fiber; hybridization; column confinement; frcm; SRG
Dr. Eleonora Conterosito
Dipartimento di Scienze e Innovazione Tecnologica, Università del, Piemonte Orientale (Alessandria, Italy)
Interests: single crystal x-ray diffraction; x-ray powder diffraction; in situ and synchrotron studies; crystal structure; Layered Materials; mesoporous materials; solid state reactions; intercalation; kinetics
Professor Kimberly Cook-Chennault
Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey
Interests: smart materials; piezoelectric; dielectric; engineering education
Dr. Leszek Czechowski
Lodz University of Technology, Department of Strength of Materials
Interests: composite structures; functionally graded materials; Finite Element Method; thin-walled structures stability; strength study
Dr. Ogawa Daisuke
Chubu University
Interests: CNT composite; plasma processing
Dr. Sara Dalle Vacche
Department of Applied Science and Technology (DISAT), Politecnico di Torino, Corso Duca degli Abruzzi 24, 10129 Torino, Italy
Interests: polymers; composites; nanocomposites; nanocellulose; viscoelastic properties; Thermal Properties; process-structure-properties relationships; Photopolymerization
Dr. Roberto DÁmato
Universidad Politécnica de Madrid - ETSIDI (Department of Mechanical Engineering, Chemistry and Industrial Design) Ronda de Valencia, 3 28012 Madrid-Spain
Interests: metrology; material science; tribology; bio-tribology; Composite Material; additive manufacturing
Dr. Yann Danlée
Interests: nanocomposite; EMI shielding; Sensors
Dr. Martin Dannemann
Technische Universität Dresden, Institute of Lightweight Engineering and Polymer Technology (ILK)
Interests: lightweight structures and materials; dynamics, vibrations and sound radiation; Smart materials and structures; optimization; composite materials for medical technology
Dr. Siddhant Datta
Arizona State University
Interests: polymer composites; carbon nanotube; nanocomposites; multifunctional materials; mechanical properties; self-sensing; biaxial fatigue
Mr. Felipe Vannucchi De Camargo
University of Bologna
Interests: Structural Analysis; stress analysis; Composite Materials; smart materials; polymers; fiber-reinforced materials; FEM numerical simulations; sustainable design
Dr. Doreswamy Deepak
Manipal Institute of Technology
Interests: CFD analysis; abrasive water jet machininig
Dr. Vikram Dey
DCI Engineers
Interests: fiber reinforced concrete; textile reinforced concrete; composite manufacturing; mechanical testing; Structural Analysis
Dr. Gurpinder Singh Dhaliwal
Wayne State University /Altair PD
Interests: Composite Materials; structural FEA numerical simulations; Fiber metal laminates; resin transfer molding; Integrated composite manufactring
Dr. Oliver Döbrich
University of Applied Sciences and Arts Northwestern, Switzerland
Interests: composites; Textiles; Simulation; testing; Machine Learning; industrial processes
Dr. Monika Dobrzyńska‐Mizera
Poznan University of Technology, Poland
Interests: polymer composites; polypropylene; poly(lactide acid); crystallization; nucleation; polymer modification; structure-properties relationship in polymers
Dr. Eddy M. Domingues
Centre for Mechanical Technology and Automation, University of Aveiro
Interests: fuel-cells; ionic conductivity; impedance spectroscopy; Composite Materials; Nanostructured Materials; materials characterization; omniphobicity; hydrophobicity; water remediation
Dr. Krzysztof Dragan
Air Force Institute of Technology
Interests: ndt; ultrasonic; composites; SHM; guided waves; smart structures; machine learning based diagnostics; signal analysis
Dr. Monssef Drissi-Habti
Université Gustave Eiffel
Interests: composites; smart composites; Materials Science; Damage Mechanics; fracture mechanics; structures; Sensors; fatigue; durability; Analytical Modeling; Numerical Modeling; multi-scale modeling; nanomatetials; nanotechnologies
Dr. Sithiprumnea Dul
Department of Industrial Engineering, University of Trento
Interests: composites; nanocomposites; additive manufacturing; conductive materials; mechanical testing
Dr. Paweł Dunaj
West Pomeranian University of Technology, Szczecin
Interests: Finite Element Method; dynamics; modal analysis; polymer concrete; Machine Tools; vibrations
Dr. Adam Ekielski
Warsaw University of Life Sciences
Interests: biomaterials; food; extrusion; by-product; composities
Dr. Ahmad El-Kharouf
Centre for fuel cell and Hydrogen Research, School of Chemical Engineering, University of Birmingham, UK
Interests: polymer composites; Fuel Cell; electrolyser; proton Exchange membrane; PEM
Dr. Hassan Elahi
Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, Sapienza University of Rome, Rome, Italy
Interests: composite; structural health monitoring; piezoelectric; energy harvesting; aeroelasticity
Dr. Greta Faccio
Independent scientist, St. Gallen, Switzerland
Interests: protein science; functional biomaterials; protein engineering; nanocellulose; innovation
Dr. Flora Faleschini
University of Padova, Department of Civil, Environmental and Architectural Engineering
Interests: Reinforced Concrete; frcm; recycled concrete; seismic vulnerability; sustainable concrete
Dr. Deliang Fan
Arizona State University
Interests: In-memory computing; deep learning; Neuromorphic Computing; ai security; spintronic memory/computing
Dr. Luis Felipe Sesé
University of Jaén (Spain)
Interests: composites; digital image correlation; vibration test; impact test; FRINGE PROJECTION
Professor Julien Férec
Institut de Recherche Dupuy de Lôme (IRDL), Université Bretagne Sud, UMR CNRS 6027, IRDL, F-56100 Lorient, France
Interests: multiscale heterogeneous materials homogenization methods; micro / nano-structured and heterogeneous materials (foams, fiber suspensions, passive and active colloids, hemp concretes, fibered concretes...); rheology of micro-structured complex fluids (constitutive laws, numerical simulations, experimental tests...); composite polymer processing (injection, extrusion...); additive manufacturing of composites (automated placement of prepregs, 3D printing...); numerical modeling and multiphysics coupling (fluid-structure interaction, heat transfert, microstructure evolution...)
Dr. Eskandar Fereiduni
Department of Mechanical Engineering, McMaster University, Canada
Interests: additive manufacturing; 3D printing; selective laser melting; metal matrix composite; powder; lightweight materials; aerospace; automotive; phase transformation; welding
Dr. Francesca Ferrari
University of Salento
Interests: thermoplastic polymers; thermal analysis; plasticization; mechanical characterization; biopolymers
Dr. Aaron M. Forster
Security Technologies Group, Material Measurement Laboratory, National Institute of Standards and Technology, Gaithersburg, MD 20899
Interests: nanocomposites; fiber reinforced composites; polymers; fracture mechanics; non-linear materials; impact mitigating materials; dynamic properties
Dr. Carmen Marin Galan
Universidad de Sevilla
Interests: biomaterials; construction technologies; prototypes; Architecture; earthern architecture; Environmental Sustainability
Dr. Cristobal Garcia
University of Strathclyde
Interests: composites; nanocomposites; vibration behaviour; impact behaviour; FEM; CZM
Dr. David Garoz
IMDEA Materials Institute
Interests: finite elements; damage simulations; fiber-reinforced polymers
Dr. Mário Garrido
Instituto Superior Técnico, University of Lisbon
Interests: FRP composite materials; sandwich panels; bio-based FRP composites; durability and long-term behaviour; elevated temperature and fire behaviour
Dr. Kazem Ghabraie
Senior Lecturer in Civil Engineering, Deakin University
Interests: structural optimisation; numerical modelling; composite structures; fibre reinforced composites
Dr. Seyed Ghaffar
Brunel University London
Interests: bio-composites; straw biomass; bio-polymers; interfacial bonding
Dr. Abbas Ghanbari
Département de Chimie, Université de Montréal
Interests: polymer composite; nanocomposite; polymer physics; rheology; foam
Dr. Dimitrios Giliopoulos
Laboratory of Chemical and Environmental Technology, Department of Chemistry, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, GR-54124 Thessaloniki, Greece
Interests: biopolymers; polymer nanocomposites; Nanostructured Materials; epoxy polymers; mesoporous materials; Green Chemistry; lignin; drug delivery
Dr. Luís Giner-Tarrida
Faculty of dentistry, Universitat internacional de Catalunya
Interests: dental composite; metal corrosion in dentistry; dental education
Dr. Soheil Gohari
Department of Mechanical Engineering, The University of Melbourne, Parkville, VIC 3010, Australia
Interests: Structural Mechanics; composite structures; Smart materials & amp; structures; dynamics and vibrations; signal & pattern analysis; optimization
Dr. Arvind Gupta
University of Guelph, Canada
Interests: Bio-based polymers; polymer characterization; polymer composites; polymer processing; shape memory polymers; composites
Dr. Maciej Guzik
Jerzy Haber Institute of Catalysis and Surface Chemistry, Polish Academy of Sciences: Krakow, Poland
Interests: biopolymers synthesis (polyhydroxyalkanoates) via fermentations; modifications (chemical; physical; enzymatic); physicochemical and biological characterisation
Dr. Julfikar Haider
Manchester Metropolitan University
Interests: polymer composite; natural fibre; zirconia; jute; PMMA
Dr. Walid Harizi
Université de Technologie de Compiègne (UTC) - France
Interests: polymer-matrix composites (PMCs); damage; non-destructive testing & evaluation (NDT&E) methods; structural health monitoring (SHM); acoustic emission; infrared thermography; ultrasound; fonctionnalization of PMC structures; piezoelectric transducers; nanofillers
Dr. Ahmed A Hassen
Manufacturing Demonstration Facility (MDF), Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Interests: composite manufacturing; discontinues reinforced composite; additive manufacturing; 3D printing; large format additive manufacturing; thermoplastic composites; long fiber thermoplastics; nondestructive testing and evaluation
Dr. Jesús Hernández Saz
University of Seville
Interests: Materials Science; nano-micro-composites; focused ion beam microscopy; transmission electron microscopy
Dr. R. Hinterhoelzl
University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria
Interests: Composite Material; Structural Analysis; process simulation; material modelling; composite manufacturing; lightweight design
Dr. Yi-Huang Hsueh
National Kaohsiung University of Science and Technology, Kaohsiung, Taiwan
Interests: nanoparticles
Dr. Jung-Jie Huang
Department of Electrical Engineering, Da-Yeh University, Taiwan
Interests: thin films deposition; nanomaterials; dye-sensitized solar cell; Si-based solar cell; supercapacitors
Dr. Alaeddin Burak Irez
School of Mechanical Engineering, Istanbul Technical University, Inonu St. No. 65, Gumussuyu, 34437, Beyoglu, Istanbul, Turkey
Interests: polymer based composites manufacturing and characterization; fatigue in polymer based composites; modelling of hyperelastic materials; recycled rubber and epoxy based composites; additive manufacturing
Dr. Robin James
University of South Carolina
Interests: nondestructive evaluation (NDE); structural health monitoring (SHM); impact testing of composites; Experimental mechanics; composite manufacturing; thermoset; thermoplastic; eddy currently testing (ET); ultrasonic testing (UT); damage detection; guided wave propagation in composites; finite element analysis
Dr. Alireza Javadian
Architecture and Construction, Future Cities Laboratory, ETH Zürich
Interests: natural fiber reinforced composite; bamboo fiber; concrete technology
Prof. Dr. Ilguk Jo
Dong-Eui University
Interests: metal matrix compositees; processing, characterization of composites; non-ferrous metal based composite
Dr. Sathiskumar Jothi
1. Co-founder & Chief Scientist, Space 4.0 Limited, United Kingdom 2. CEO & Director, Big Data Science & Technology Limited, London, United Kingdom
Interests: Machine Learning; space structures & materials; deep learning; AI; multiscale modelling; 3D printing; additive manufacturing; space materials; HPC; composite structures; mechanics; materials & manufacturing; microstructures & micromechanics IoT; aerostructure; Big Data; cloud computing; advance joining technology; hydrogen diffusion & embrittlement; FEA; nanomaterials & mechanics; quantum mechanics
Professor Jerzy Jozwik
Lublin University of Technology
Interests: machining of composites; manufacture of composites; micro tomographic tests; non-destructive tests; delamination; surface morphology analysis
Dr. ByungMoon Jun
University of South Carolina
Interests: membrane; catalyst; Adsorption; Water Treatment
Dr. Paweł Kaczyński
Wrocław University of Sciene and Technology
Interests: crash-box; honeycomb structures; crashworthiness
Dr. Sathiyaraj Kandhasamy
Catalytic and Electrochemical Processes for Energy Applications, Dutch Institute for Fundamental Energy Research (DIFFER), The Netherlands
Interests: Li-ion, sodium, sulfur based batteries; thermo-electrochemical cell; organic and molten salt based electrolytes; ceramic composites; thermal analysis; high-temperature electrochemical cells; materials physical, chemical and electrochemical characterisations
Professor Jun Kang
Korea Maritime and Ocean University, South Korea
Interests: carbon material; carbon composite; nano composite; metal nano particle; electrochemistry; plasma in liquid; rechargeable battery; anode; Fuel Cell; electorchemical catalyst
Professor Fariborz Kargar
Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of California, Riverside, CA, USA
Interests: thermal interface materials; polymer composites; thermal conductivity; EMI shielding; electrical conductivity; phonon; raman light scattering; brillouin light scattering; graphene; 2d materials
Dr. Nejib Kasmi
Department of Materials Research and Technology (MRT), Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology (LIST), Hautcharage, Luxembourg
Interests: Polymer Chemistry; melt polycondensation; solid-state polycondensation; microwave-assisted organic synthesis; organic synthesis; polymer blending techniques; polyurethane foams synthesis; hot melt extrusion
Dr. Kevin Kerrigan
Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre, University of Sheffield
Interests: composite machining; process monitoring and control; heat transfer; Numerical Simulation
Dr. Pooria Khalili
Chalmers University of Technology
Interests: natural fibre composites; processing of fibre thermoplastic/thermoset composites; flame retardancy and smoke properties; mechanical testing
Dr. Minkook Kim
KIST (Korea Institute of Science and Technology), Institute of Advanced Composite Materials
Interests: fiber reinforced polymer (FRP) composite; multi-functional composites; structural design; adhesive structure
Professor Sung-Hoon Kim
Department of Engineering in Energy & Applied Chemistry, Silla University, Busan 617-736, Republic of Korea
Interests: carbon nanomaterials; electromagnetic wave shielding materials; carbon micro/nanocoils
Dr. Izabela Klapiszewska
Poznan University of Technology, Institute of Building Engineering
Interests: cement admixtures; concrete; biopolymers; hybrid materials; Composite Materials
Dr. Angelika Kmita
AGH University of Science and Technology, Academic Centre for Materials and Nanotechnology
Interests: functional nanomaterials; hubrid nanomaterials; nanocomposites; polymers; materials characteristics; Thermal Properties
Dr. Ilja Koch
Institute of Lightweight Engineering and Polymer Technology, Technische Universität Dresden
Interests: experimental methods; material models; fatigue of polymer composites
Dr. Kinga Korniejenko
Cracow University of Technology, Faculty of Material Engineering and Physics
Interests: geopolymer; composite; lightweight material; fly-ash; additive manufacturing; fibre
Dr. Joanna Korzekwa
University of Silesia in Katowice
Interests: aluminium oxide layer; composite layer; lubricants; wear; friction coefficient
Dr. Andrey E. Krauklis
SINTEF, Dept. Materials and Nanotechnology
Interests: Materials Science; Chemical Engineering; mathematical modeling; material ageing; material-environment interaction
Dr. Anuj Kumar
Natural Resources Institute Finland (Luke), Production Systems, Tietotie 2, 02150, Espoo, Finland
Interests: wood structure and properties; bioprocessing; biochar; wood-based panels; bio-composites; liquefaction of biomass; bio-adhesives; bio-polymers; wood modification; biomaterials for tissue engineering; carbon nano-materials; electrospun polymeric materials; Reinforced Concrete; engineered wood
Dr. Hiroki Kurita
Graduate School of Environmental Studies, Tohoku University
Interests: energy harvesting; biodegradable; metal matrix composite
Dr. Maja Kuzmanovic
Research group Centre for Polymer and Material Technologies, University of Ghent, Belgium
Interests: polymers; biopolymers; fibre reinforced composites; polymer processing; morphology development; polymer rheology; mechanical properties
Professor Duc Duong La
Institute of Chemistry and Materials, Vietnam
Interests: nanocomposite; hybrid materials; carbon-based materials; catalysts; photocatalysis; 2d materials; Adsorption
Dr. Thanh-Giang La
Department of Radiology and Diagnostic Imaging, Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry, University of Alberta, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada T6G 2R7.
Interests: flexible electronics; electronic textiles; artificial muscles; hydrogels; dielectric elastomers
Dr. Nathan Lazarus
US Army Research Laboratory
Interests: 3D printing; stretchable electronics; fused filament fabrication; magnetic composites; self-folding origami
Dr. Zhaoyuan Leong
University of Sheffield
Interests: structural health monitoring; magnetostrictive actuator; Sensors; data acquisition system; alloys
Dr. Beata Leszczyńska-Madej
AGH, University of Science and Technology, Faculty of Non Ferrous Metals
Interests: Materials Science; microstructure; metal matrix composites; powder metallurgy; surface modification; tribological properties
Dr. Hao Li
University of Central Florida, USA
Interests: novel composites; nanocomposites; energy composites; processing and manufacturing; properties and performance; physic, chemistry and characterization of composites
Dr. Heng Li
Northeastern University, Boston MA
Interests: polymer/nano-carbon composites; materials testing; characterization and modeling; computational simulation
Dr. Hui Li
Washington State University
Interests: composite recycling; mass timber processing; bio-based polymer/composite
Dr. Zheling Li
The University of Manchester
Interests: graphene; carbon materials; composites; raman spectroscopy
Dr. Dianzi Liu
School of Engineering, University of East Anglia, UK
Interests: composite optimization; wave mechanics; metamodelling; Numerical Simulation; Machine Learning
Dr. Ning Liu
University of Michigan
Interests: isogeometric analysis; Composite Materials; layerwise; plates and shells; geometric nonlinearity; fatigue and fracture failure; Finite Element Method; functionally graded materials; sandwich structure; Instability
Dr. Marco L. Longana
Bristol Composites Institute (ACCIS)
Interests: reclamation & remanufacturing processes for composites recycling; sustainability & life cycle assessment; discontinuous fibre composites; hybrid composites; pseudo-ductile behaviour; mechanical characterisation & digital image correlation
Dr. Hailong Lyu
Chemical Science Division, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, TN, USA
Interests: nanocomposite; composite materials for electrochemistry; carbonic composite; polymeric composite; lithium-ion battery
Dr. Mahmoud Madian
NaMLab gGmbH, 01187 Dresden, Germany
Interests: lithium ion batteries; anode materials; anodic oxidation; TiO2-based nanotubes; mixed oxides nanotubes; silicon nanowires anodes
Dr. Tomoki Maeda
1. Ibaraki University, Japan
2. Keio University, Japan
Interests: nanocomposite; gel; nanofiber; neutron scattering
Professor Rosa Marat-Mendes
Escola Superior Náutica Infante D. Henrique, ENIDH
Interests: fibre composites; mechanical properties; strains energy release
Dr. Pierre Marechal
LOMC, UMR 6294 CNRS, Université Le Havre Normandie
Interests: Acoustic Engineering; electronic engineering; mechanical engineering; material characterization; materials; Signal Processing; wave propagation; nondestructive testing; transducers; piezoelectricity; phonic crystals; multilayers
Dr. Carlos Miguel Marto
Institute of Experimental Pathology; Coimbra Institute for Clinical and Biomedical Research (iCBR), area of Environment, Genetics and Oncobiology (CIMAGO), Faculty of Medicine, University of Coimbra, 3000-548 Coimbra, Portugal
Interests: dentistry; biomaterials; dental materials; regeneration; stem cells; experimental pathology
Dr. Anna Marzec
Lodz University of Technology, Institute of Polymer and Dye Technology
Interests: polymer composites; colorants; Aging; polymer stability
Dr. Ahmed Al Mayyahi
Tim Taylor Department of Chemical Engineering, Kansas State University, Manhattan, USA
Interests: TiO< sub> 2< /sub> graphene; carbon nanotubes; photocatalysis; Mxene; Water Treatment; desalination and membranes
Dr. Hanfei Mei
University of South Carolina
Interests: composite structures; structural health monitoring; nondestructive evaluation; guided waves; finite element analysis; smart
Dr. Alessandro Mingotti
University of Bologna
Interests: Measurements; Electrical Engineering; Sensors; measurement instruments; instrument transformers
Dr. Mohammad J. Mirzaali
Delft University of Technology, Faculty of Mechanical, Maritime and Materials Engineering, BioMechanical Engineering Department
Interests: biomimetics; biomaterials; bioengineering; additive manufacturing
Dr. Kunal Mishra
Corning Incorporated
Interests: mechanics; composites; polymers; nanocomposites
Dr. Alexander N. Mitropoulos
Millipore Sigma
Interests: biomaterials; nanostructures; biopolymers; Biotechnology; Biomedical Engineering
Dr. Luke Mizzi
Department of Engineering Sciences and Methods (DISMI), University of Modena and Reggio Emilia, Via Amendola, Reggio Emilia, Italy
Interests: mechanical metamaterials; auxetics; Biomedical Engineering; composite structures; shape memory alloys; finite element analysis
Professor Isabel Montealegre-Melendez
Universidad de Sevilla
Interests: titanium composites; inductive hot pressing; additive manufacturing
Dr. Adam Moyseowicz
Department of Process Engineering and Technology of Polymer and Carbon Materials, Wroclaw University of Science and Technology Gdańska 7/9 50-344 Wrocław POLAND
Interests: energy storage; polymer-graphene composites; Electrochemical capacitors; conductive polymers; carbon nanomaterials; electrochemistry
Dr. Muhammad Mujtaba
Ankara university, Biotechnology Institute
Interests: organic polymers like chitosan; cellulose and chitin; hybrid composite production; characterization; control drug release; adsorption of DNA and protein through different polymeric membranes
Dr. Nikolay Mukhin
1st Affiliation: Otto von Guericke University of Magdeburg, Magdeburg 39106, Germany;
2nd Affiliation: Saint Petersburg Electrotechnical University “LETI”, Saint Petersburg 197376, Russia.
Interests: acoustic metamaterials and phononic crystals, ferroelectric thin films and composite structures, photoconductive coatings
Dr. Rajendran Muthuraj
Worn Again Technologies Ltd.
Interests: polymer blends; polymer composites; recycling; aerogels; fiber spinning; polymer processing; fibers/fillers; polymer testing
Professor Maria Neto
Faculty of Science and Technology of the University of Coimbra, Portugal
Interests: Composite Materials; biomaterials; numerical modelling; Smart materials and structures; biomechanics
Dr. Mostafa Nikzad
Swinburne University of Technology, Australia
Interests: polymer composite processing; modelling & characterisation; 3D printing & additive manufacturing
Dr. Nasim Nsooudi Nsooudi
Biomedical department, Marshall University
Interests: nanomedicine; nanoparticles; electrospining; tissue engineering; theranostics; cell reprogramming
Dr. J. Nunes-Pereira
Centre for Mechanical and Aerospace Science and Technologies (C-MAST-UBI), Universidade da Beira Interior, Covilhã, Portugal
Interests: polymer composites; polymer membranes; mechanical properties; (thermoplastics); piezoelectric polymers; electrical properties
Dr. Stanley Udochukwu Ofoegbu
Centre for Mechanical Technology and Automation (TEMA), Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of Aveiro, Campus Universitário de Santiago, 3810-193 Aveiro, Portugal
Interests: fiber reinforced composites; nanocomposites; electroactive polymer composites; material degradation; multi-material; material characterization; coatings; surface modification; electrochemistry; sustainability
Dr. Witold Ogierman
Silesian University of Technology, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering
Interests: mechanical properties of composites; homogenization; micromechanics; multiscale modeling; Finite Element Analysis (FEA)
Dr. Ebrahim Oromiehie
ARC Training Centre for Automated Manufacture of Advanced Composites (AMAC)
Interests: automated fibre placement (AFP); structural health monitoring (SHM)
Professor Marc Oudjene
Department of Civil and Water Engineering, Laval University, Quebec, Canada
Interests: FE modelling; Simulation; composite structures; vibration; connections; Timber; plates and shells
Prof. Dr. Stefan Palis
Otto-von-Guericke University of Magdeburg, Germany
Interests: control; optimization; discrete element modeling; molecular dynamics simulation; Composite Materials
Dr. Sandeep Patil
Institute of General Mechanics, RWTH Aachen University
Interests: molecular dynamics simulations; aerogels; Finite Element Method; multiscale modeling
Dr. Sebastian Pawlak
Silesian University of Technology, Gliwice, Poland
Interests: ndt; IR thermography; fiber reinforced polymer composites; thermal conductivity/diffusivity
Dr. Manuel Alejandro Pedreño Rojas
Dpto. Construcciones Arquitectónicas I, Universidad de Sevilla. 41012 Sevilla (Spain)
Interests: construction and building materials; gypsum composites; recycled materials; lca; Sustainable Construction
Dr. Antonio Pennetta
University of Salento, Lecce, Italy
Interests: Water Treatment; photocatalysis; tio2; chemical characterization; DoE
Dr. Costas Petridis
Department of Electronic Engineering, Hellenic Meditteranean University, Greece
Interests: graphene; Perovskite lasers; perovskite X-Ray sensors; CW laser systems
Dr. Deesy Pinto
CQM-Centro de Química da Madeira, MMRG, Universidade da Madeira, Campus da Penteada, 9020-105 Funchal, Portugal
Interests: nanocomposites; aluminium oxide; composites; reinforcement; Metal Oxide Nanoparticles; Numerical Modeling; refractories; laminates; epoxy; etc.
Dr. Natalie Williams Portal
RISE Research Institutes of Sweden
Interests: cementitious materials; fiber-based reinforcements; durability
Dr. Catalin Pruncu
Imperial College London
Interests: Composite Materials; metal forming; fracture mechanics; additive manufacturing; machining
Dr. Andrzej Puszka
Department of Polymer Chemistry, Faculty of Chemistry, Institute of Chemical Sciences, Maria Curie-Sklodowska University in Lublin
Interests: mechanical properties; differential scanning calorimetry; thermogravimetry; dynamical thermal analysis; polyurethane; optical properties
Dr. Muchao Qu
Institute of Polymer Materials, Friedrich-Alexander University Erlangen-Nürnberg. Martensstr. 7, 91058 Erlangen, Germany
Interests: composite; electrical conductivity; carbon fillers; modelling
Dr. Ashiqur Rahman
Department of Chemical Engineering, Lamar University, Beaumont, TX 77710, USA
Interests: nanomaterials; nanobiotechnology; bioprocessing; biosynthesis; microalgae; bioreactors; bio-applications; microwave synthesis; Water Treatment; wastewater treatment
Dr. Zbigniew Ranachowski
Institute of Fundamental technological Research, PAS, Warsaw, Poland
Interests: non-destructive testing; ultrasound; composites; acoustic emission
Dr. João Ribeiro
Instituto Politécnico de Bragança
Interests: metallic material; hyperelastic materials; PDMS; biomodels; Manufacturing Processes; numerical simulations; experimental tests; residual stress
Dr. Hannes Rijckaert
SCRiPTS, Department of Chemistry, Ghent University, Ghent, Belgium
Interests: transmission electron microscope; nanoparticles; thin film; nanocomposite; material; scanning electron microscope; X-ray Diffraction; superconductor; ferroelectric; opto-electronic; Electronic; nucleation and growth
Dr. Eduardo Robles
Institute of Analytical and Physicochemical Sciences for the Environment and Materials (IPREM-UMR 5254), CNRS/Univ Pau & Pays Adour/E2S UPPA, IUT of the Pays de l’Adour, 371 Rue de Ruisseau, 40004 Mont de Marsan, France
Interests: biorefinery; biocomposites; nanocellulose
Dr. Patryk Rozylo
Department of Machine Design and Mechatronics, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Lublin University of Technology
Interests: numerical Aanalysis; FEM; thin-walled stuctures; strength of materials; Composite Materials; laminates; failure of composites
Dr. Rui B. Ruben
CDRsp-ESTG, Polytechnic Institute of Leiria
Interests: homogenization; material properties; Computational Mechanics
Dr. Teresa Rucinska
West Pomeranian University of Technology in Szczecin, Faculty of Civil Engineering and Architecture, Poland
Interests: building materials; concrete; cement paste; cement mortar; waste materials; recycling; Environmental Sustainability
Dr. Andrzej Rybak
ABB Corporate Technology Center, Krakow, Poland
Interests: functional polymer composites; enhanced thermal conductivity; polymer electrical insulation; additive manufacturing of functional prototypes; smart materials
Dr. Valentina Sabatini
Università degli Studi di Milano
Interests: protective coatings; nanocomposites; hybrid materials; polymers with complex macromolecular structure
Dr. Roberta Salvatori
Dept. Medical and Surgical Sciences for Children & Adults- Biomaterials Laboratory, University of Modena and Reggio Emilia
Interests: Biocompatibility; cytotoxicity; bioceramics; bone graft; Animal model
Dr. Kamila Sałasińska
Central Institute for Labour Protection - National Research Institute
Interests: Composite Materials; natural fillers; fire behaviour; flame retardants
Dr. Seyed Hamid Reza Sanei
Penn State University
Interests: composites; nanocomposites; fFinite element analysis; additive manufacturing; failure analysis; material simulations
Professor Vincenzo Sapienza
University of Catania (Italy)
Interests: innovative building components; application in architecture of composite materials; smart building materials
Dr. Francesca Sbardella
Department of Chemical Engineering Materials Environment, Sapienza - University of Rome, Italy
Interests: natural fibres; biocomposite; fibre-reinforced composite materials; nano-structures; interface/interphase; flax fibres; basalt fibres
Dr. Matthias Schmidtchen
Head of research group for numerical simulation, Head of research group for numerical simulation, Institute of Metal Forming, Bernhard-von-Cotta-Str. 4, D-09596 Freiberg, Germany
Interests: cladding; roll bonding; bond strength simulation; rolling; shape rolling; materials modelling; plasticity
Professor Michele Serpilli
Department of Civil and Building Engineering, and Architecture, Università Politecnica delle Marche, Ancona, Italy
Interests: composites; interfaces; multiphysic materials
Dr. Mehdi Shabani
Aveiro Institute of Materials, University of Aveiro, Aveiro, Portugal
Interests: metallic & ceramic composites; powder metallurgy; hard & superhard coatings; wear, friction & lubrication of composites and coatings
Dr. Rabee Shamass
Division of Civil and Building Services Engineering, School of Build Environment and Architecture, London South Bank University, UK
Interests: buckling of structures; stainless steel; fibre reinforced polymers FRP; recycled concrete aggregates; cement replacement; numerical modelling and analysis; composite structures; Reinforced Concrete; building materials; fatigue
Dr. Prasant Sharma
Department of Pediatrics, Division of Pediatric Hematology, Oncology, and BMT, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Interests: nanobiotechnology; cell biology; molecular biology; Immunology; virology; vaccine; cancer; immunotherapy
Dr. Yu Shi
University of Chester
Interests: multifunctional composite; finite element analysis; Damage Assessment; energy harvesting; structural health monitoring; welding
Dr. Shikha Shrestha
Purdue University
Interests: polymer nanocomposites; waterborne polymer; cellulose nanomaterials; gas barrier; mechanical and thermal properties; polymer processing; characterization
Dr. Shirsendu Sikdar
Institute of Fluid-Flow Machinery, Polish Academy of Sciences, 14, Fiszera Street, Gdansk 80-231, Poland
Interests: advanced composite structures; finite element analysis; nondestructive evaluation; structural health monitoring; ultrasonic elastic wave propagation; deep-learning/machine-learning algorithms; damage detection algorithms; acoustic emission; sensor-network optimization; nonlinear analysis
Dr. Arlindo Silva
Engineering Product Development Pillar, Singapore University of Technology and Design
Interests: materials selection; natural materials; Composite Materials; Design Theory and Methodology; ideation
Dr. Katarzyna Skórczewska
UTP University of Science and Technology in Bydgoszcz, Poland; Faculty of Chemical Technology and Engineering
Interests: polymer composites; nanocomposites; carbon nanomaterials; biomaterials; modification; Thermal Properties; recycling; poly(vinyl chloride); poly(lactide acid)
Dr. Agnieszka Ślosarczyk
Poznan University of Technology, Faculty of Civil and Transport Engineering, Institute of Building Engineering, Division of Building and Building Materials
Interests: nanomaterials; Nanotechnology; chemical technology; concrete technology; physical; chemical and mechanical properties of building materials; fiber reinforced materials; waste materials
Prof. Dr. Jerzy Smardzewski
Poznan University of Life Sciences, Faculty of Wood Technology, Department of Furniture Design
Interests: furniture; wood; wood-based composite; Construction; Engineering Design; FEM
Dr. Subramani Sockalingam
McNAIR Center for Aerospace Innovation and Research, Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of South Carolina
Interests: fiber composites; automated fiber placement manufacturing; FEA; Fracture; processing-structure-property; impact mechanics
Dr. Florian Spieckermann
University of Leoben
Interests: metastable materials; metallic glass; polymers; fast calorimetry; Diffraction
Dr. Ulrike Staudinger
Leibniz Institute of Polymer Research Dresden (IPF), Institute Macromolecular Chemnistry, Department of Functional Nanocomposites and Blends, Hohe Str. 6, 01069 Dresden, Germany
Interests: polymer composites; carbon nanotubes; CNT dispersion; block copolymers; mechanical properties; electrical properties; morphology; melt-mixing; solvent casting
Professor Ulrike Steinmann
Otto von Guericke University of Magdeburg
Interests: ultrasound; 3D printed sensors; microresonant sensors; microfluidic systems
Dr. Anna Strąkowska
Lodz University of Technology, Chemical Department, Institute of Polymer and Dye Technology
Interests: porous materials; polyurethane foams; cellulose; bio-composite; thermal stability; flame retardants; elastomers; silicone; Self-healing materials; mechanical properties
Dr. Maciej Szeląg
Lublin University of Technology, Poland
Interests: civil engineering; Materials Engineering; cement; concrete technology; image analysis; Nanotechnology; nanomaterials; fibers; elevated temperature; mechanical properties; physical properties; structure of materials; fractals
Dr. Hossein Taheri
Georgia Southern University
Interests: nondestructive testing; additive manufacturing; ultrasonic; material evaluation
Dr. Abbas Tamadon
Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of Canterbury, Christchurch 8041, New Zealand
Interests: metallurgy and materials science; alloys and composites; welding and joining methods; microstructure and microscopy; phase characterization; additive manufacturing
Dr. Kwek-Tze Tan
The University of Akron
Interests: Advanced Composites; sandwich composites; mechanical metamaterials; bioinspired design; impact damage; dynamic response
Dr. Wai Kian Tan
Toyohashi University of Technology
Interests: nanomaterials; functional ceramics; Composite Materials
Dr. Sravya Tekumalla
School of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
Interests: light metals; mechanical behaviour; alloys and composites; additive manufacturing
Dr. Duc-Kien Thai
Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Sejong University, 98 Gunja-dong, Gwangjin-gu, Seoul, 143-747, South Korea
Interests: civil engineering; structural engineering; numerical simulation of structures; Reinforced Concrete; fiber reinforced concrete; impact & blast loading; Machine Learning
Dr. Madasamy Thangamuthu
Department of Chemical Engineering, University College London (UCL)
Interests: photocatalysis; water splitting; ammonia synthesis; Plasmonic nanomaterials; photoelectrochemical conversion (PEC); semiconductor
Dr. Francesco Todaro
Department of Civil, Environmental, Land, Construction and Chemistry (DICATECh), Politecnico di Bari, Bari 70125, Italy
Interests: contaminated geomaterials; Environmental technologies; hydro-chemo-mechanical characterization; materials for environmental remediation; recycling; waste materials
Dr. Zhaohui Tong
University of Florida
Interests: Bio-based polymers; bionanocomposites; chemical modification of biopolymers; waste valorization
Dr. Kyriaki Tsirka
University of Ioannina, Department of Materials Science and Engineering
Interests: advanced composite materials; fibre reinforced composites; manufacturing of FRPs; carbon fibre composites; hierarchical composites; mechanical properties characterisation; functionalities of FRPs; Raman spectroscopy of nanomaterials and composites
Dr. Konstantinos Tsongas
Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (AUTH)
Interests: nanoparticles; MWCNTs; mechanical tests; nanosilica; dynamic mechanical tests; hydrogels
Dr. Joana Valente
Centre for Rapid and Sustainable Product Development, Polytechnic Institute of Leiria, Leiria, Portugal
Interests: gene therapy; chromatography; tissue engineering; biomaterials; drug delivery systems
Dr. Rajkumar Velu
Research Fellow, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, USA
Interests: additive manufacturing; polymer composites; fiber reinforced composites; shape alloy materials; single crystal alloy; metal additive manufacturing; Engineering Design; design of materials; material characterization; automated fibre placement process; prepreg composite material analysis
Dr. Alexandre Vivet
Normandie Université
Interests: natural fiber reinforced composite; flax fiber; hybrid composite; mechanical properties
Dr. Yi Wan
Department of Systems Innovation, School of Engineering, The University of Tokyo
Interests: cfrtp; internal strucutre; mechanical property; multi-scale modeling
Professor Beomjoo Yang
Chungbuk National University, School of Civil Engineering
Interests: Construction Materials; functional composites; material simulation; multiscale modeling
Dr. Yang Yang
Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL), USA
Interests: flexible and stretchable electronics; Sensors; non-destructive monitoring; acoustic telemetry; silver nanowires; dielectric spectroscopy
Dr. Mehdi Yasaee
Cranfield University
Interests: composites; structural integrity; impact; fracture toughness; Z-pinning; fatigue; design optimisation
Dr. John D. Yeager
Los Alamos National Laboratory
Interests: polymer matrix composites; interfaces; microstructure; mechanical testing; explosives
Professor Jonghun Yoon
Hanyang Univ. ERICA
Interests: finite element analysis; forming; composites; joining
Dr. Shiyu Zhang
Wolfson School of Mechanical, Electrical and Manufacturing Engineering, Loughborough University
Interests: Dielectric Materials; RF materials; Antennas; 3D printing; dielectric composites
Dr. Wei Zhao
Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
Interests: composite structures; Structural Optimization; computational and applied mechanics
Dr. Yanguang Zhou
The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
Interests: Thermal; electrical and mechanical properties of composites; multiscale modelling; atomistic simulations; Finite Element Method
Dr. Ying-guo Zhou
Jiangsu University of Science and Technology
Interests: Fiber-reinforced polymer; polymer composite; nanocomposite
Dr. Aldobenedetto Zotti
Interests: nanocomposites; carbon fibers composites; polymer matrix composites; Thermal Properties; mechanical properties; fracture toughness; delamination
Dr. Wajdi Zouari
University of Reims Champagne-Ardenne, Institut de Thermique, Mécanique, Matériaux (ITheMM)
Interests: Computational Mechanics; Composite Materials; mechanics of materials
Dr. Justyna Zygmuntowicz
Warsaw University of Technology, Faculty of Materials Science and Engineering, 141 Woloska Str., 02-507 Warsaw, Poland
Interests: functionally graded materials; ceramic matrix ceramic-metal composites; porous ceramic materials; tape casting; slip casting; gel casting; shaping of ceramics; stabilization of aqueous nanoceramic suspensions; colloidal processing; bonded magnets
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