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International Journal of Financial Studies publishes Special Issues to create collections of papers on specific topics, with the aim of building a community of authors and readers to discuss the latest research and develop new ideas and research directions. Special Issues are led by Guest Editors, who are experts on the topic and all Special Issue submissions follow MDPI's standard editorial process. The journal’s Editor-in-Chief and/or designated Editorial Board Member will oversee Guest Editor appointments and Special Issue proposals, checking their content for relevance and ensuring the suitability of the material for the journal. The papers published in a Special Issue will be collected and displayed on a dedicated page of the journal’s website. Further information on MDPI's Special Issue polices and Guest Editor responsibilities can be found here. For any inquiries related to a Special Issue, please contact the Editorial Office.

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Cross-Cultural Corporate Governance, Firm Performance and Firm Value
edited by
submission deadline 31 Jul 2024 | 4 articles | Viewed by 6743 | Submission Open
Keywords: corporate governance; corporate culture; ESG; corporate ownership; family firms; international governance; econometrics of corporate governance
Sustainable Investing and Financial Services
edited by
submission deadline 20 Sep 2024 | 5 articles | Viewed by 5695 | Submission Open
Keywords: sustainable business; business management; sustainable Investing; ESG issues; financial institution management; asset management; financial advisory; wealth management; financial services; green bonds; ESG fund management; greenwashing; compliance risk; operational risk
Making Green from Green: The Truth about Sustainable Finance
edited by
submission deadline 10 Dec 2024 | 2 articles | Viewed by 4055 | Submission Open
Keywords: environmental; social; and governance (ESG) factors; sustainability risks; banking and insurance; environmental regulation; accounting for sustainability; sustainable investment goals; ethics in finance; corporate social responsibility; climate change; carbon footprint; social impact; stakeholder engagement; greenwashing; sustainable development; renewable energy; circular economy; responsible investing
Accounting and Financial/Non-financial Reporting Developments
edited by and
submission deadline 31 Dec 2024 | 6 articles | Viewed by 9883 | Submission Open
Keywords: financial information; information technologies; non-financial information; sustainability; Era 5.0
Sustainable Corporate Governance and Financial Performance submission deadline 31 Dec 2024 | Viewed by 190 | Submission Open
Keywords: corporate governance; financial performance; ESG; sustainability reporting; sustainability performance
Research in Financial Fragility: Causes, Effects and Measurements
edited by
submission deadline 31 Dec 2024 | Viewed by 16 | Submission Open
Keywords: financial fragility; financial (in)stability; financial crises; financial regulation; financial supervision
Corporate Finance 2.0
edited by
submission deadline 31 Jan 2025 | Viewed by 99 | Submission Open
Keywords: corporate finance; capital structure; financial distress; agency theory; working capital; investment banking
Financial System in the Digital Age: Opportunities, Challenges and Future Directions
edited by
submission deadline 31 Jan 2025 | Viewed by 45 | Submission Open
Keywords: financial system; digital transformation; financial inclusion; risk mapping; generative AI; sustainability in finance
Cryptocurrency Markets, Centralized Finance and Decentralized Finance
edited by David Vidal-Tomás
submission deadline 31 Jan 2025 | Viewed by 36 | Submission Open
Keywords: cryptocurrencies; Bitcoin; centralized finance; decentralized finance; blockchain
Sustainability Accounting: Challenges and Future Trends
edited by Sorinel Capusneanu
submission deadline 28 Feb 2025 | Viewed by 106 | Submission Open
Keywords: sustainability accounting; sustainability reporting; benefits of sustainability accounting; sustainability metrics; economic impact of social and environmental policies; ESG ratings and sustainable development; social and environmental audit; impacts on sustainable development
Digital and Conventional Assets 2.0
edited by
submission deadline 1 Mar 2025 | Viewed by 100 | Submission Open
Keywords: risk management in digital finance; decentralized financial assets; tokenized securities; regulatory challenges and opportunities; financial inclusion and digital finance; market integration; spillovers; interplay between digital and conventional payment system; investor behavior in digital finance; technological innovation in digital finance
Market Microstructure and Liquidity submission deadline 31 Mar 2025 | Viewed by 208 | Submission Open
Keywords: market microstructure; liquidity; financial markets; price discovery; high-frequency trading; market transparency; market efficiency; order flow
Financial Stability in Light of Market Fluctuations submission deadline 31 Mar 2025 | Viewed by 193 | Submission Open
Keywords: boom– bust economic cycles; Austrian business cycle theory; financial instability hypothesis; financial accelerator mechanism; monetary policy and credit expansion; banking activity; monetary and financial leading indicators; monetary and financial reform
Advance in the Theory and Applications of Financial Literacy
edited by , Marcella Corsi, Paola Paiardini and
submission deadline 31 Mar 2025 | Viewed by 74 | Submission Open
Keywords: financial literacy; financial knowledge; behavioural finance; gender gaps in financial literacy; financial wellbeing
Modern Financial Econometrics
edited by and Nikos Kanellos
submission deadline 31 Mar 2025 | Viewed by 69 | Submission Open
Keywords: econometric models; fintech; big data; financial applications; supply chain sector; technological advancements
Sports Finance 2.0
edited by Rodney Paul
submission deadline 31 Mar 2025 | Viewed by 34 | Submission Open
Keywords: sports; gambling; risk; mega-sport events; non-profit sports activities; professional sports; amateur sports; sports clubs
New Quality Productive Forces: The Role of Green Finance and Artificial Intelligence in Finance
edited by
submission deadline 30 Apr 2025 | Viewed by 159 | Submission Open
Keywords: new quality productive forces; new quality industrial and supply chains; sustainable development; green finance; disruptive innovation; digital intelligence technology; artificial intelligence
Risks and Uncertainties in Financial Markets
edited by and Alaa M. Soliman
submission deadline 1 May 2025 | Viewed by 259 | Submission Open
Keywords: financial markets; risks; uncertainties; financial frictions; uncertainty shocks
Cryptocurrency and Financial Market
edited by
submission deadline 1 May 2025 | Viewed by 22 | Submission Open
Keywords: financial markets; accounting implications; financial reporting; cryptocurrency volatility; blockchain technology; digital currencies; regulatory frameworks
Digital Financial Economics: Impacts of New Technologies on Financial Processes submission deadline 31 May 2025 | Viewed by 48 | Submission Open
Keywords: financial digitization; artificial intelligence; fintech; cryptocurrencies; new investment methods; macroeconomics and financial digitalization
Financial Reporting and Corporate Governance
edited by Maggie Foley
submission deadline 30 Jun 2025 | Viewed by 3 | Submission Open
Keywords: financial reporting; corporate governance; board oversight; audit committees; regulatory impacts; financial transparency; market efficiency; technological integration
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