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International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health Events

15 November–7 December 2018 The 1st International Electronic Conference on Environmental Health Sciences

Chaired by Prof. Dr. Professor Jon Øyvind Odland

Dear Colleagues,

It is my great pleasure to welcome you to the 1st International Electronic Conference on Environmental Health Sciences (https://iecehs-1.sciforum.net/).

Today, longitudinal studies are extensively performed, especially in Arctic countries. A considerable number of reports and articles related to epidemiological studies conducted in the arctic regions have appeared in last year Special Issues of IJERPH. For both ethical and scientific reasons, many longitudinal studies have a cohort design, with a long-term follow up of the individuals concerned that, often, are mothers and their children, since the most vulnerable period in human life is before birth and in early childhood. Various epidemiological studies in the circumpolar area have shown associations between contaminants and different health outcomes. The risk assessment of the effects of environmental pollutants is essential for the overall protection of health of the current and next generations. Different methods of risk assessment are available, however it is not clearly established how to translate the contaminant concentrations measured in the blood of the monitored individuals to information useful for risk characterization, thus linking the likelihood that specific adverse health effects will occur to defined concentration ranges of contaminants. In addition, risk assessments are complicated by several factors, such as climate changes and the fluctuations of contaminant exposure levels over long periods. This makes it necessary to continuously monitor environmental pollution and the related potential health effects. The information gathered from risk assessment studies is also important for policy makers to identify preventive measures to be adopted on both a population level and an individual level. The precautionary principle should be the basis of all environmental health science approaches based on newly acquired knowledge, including risk assessments and the definition of strategies to reduce contaminant exposure to humans. This conference creates a unique opportunity to discuss any subject related to environment and health issues. The Chair and the scientific committee heartily welcome you and look forward to this first electronic conference on environmental health sciences.

Kind regards,

Prof. Dr. Jon Øyvind Odland


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