Reviewer Board

Members of the reviewer board are selected from all Future Internet reviewers for regularly providing timely high quality reports on submitted manuscripts. Responsibilities of reviewers are available here.


Scientific Research Center in Mathematics and Computer Science, “Spiru Haret” University, 030045 Bucharest, Romania
Interests: machine learning; quantum computing; information security; cloud computing; databases; quantum cryptography; IoT; big data; compilers; programming languages; deep learning; steganography; blockchain; theoretical and applied cryptography; theoretical computing
Department of Electrical Engineering and Computing, University of Dubrovnik, 20000 Dubrovnik, Croatia
Interests: machine learning; databases; data mining; data warehousing
Department of Computer Science and Engineering, University of West Florida, Pensacola, FL 32501, USA
Interests: internet of things; cybersecurity; wireless sensor networks; body area networks; cyber-physical systems

Federal Institute of Education, Science, and Technology of Ceará, Fortaleza 60410-426, Brazil
Interests: math modeling; decision support systems

Department of Didactics and School Organisation, University of Granada, 51001 Ceuta, Spain
Interests: ICT; teaching method; teacher training; digital competence; flipped learning
Department of communication networks and data transmission, Saint-Petersburg State University of Telecommunications, 193232 St. Petersburg, Russia
Interests: 5G cellular systems; IoT applications; edge computing and software-defined networking

Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, University of Maribor, 2000 Maribor, Slovenia
Interests: usable privacy; security; relational databases; social networking sites; mobile applications; SEM models; TAM Model

Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science,University of Stavanger, 4021 Stavanger, Norway
Interests: dependability; energy-efficient networking; sdn/nfv; MEC; resource allocation; 5G network slicing
Graduate School of Science and Engineering, Chiba University, Chiba 263-8522, Japan
Interests: internet; IoT; wireless; network virtualization; distributed ledger technologies

Department of Computer and Information Security, Sejong University, Seoul 05006, Republic of Korea
Interests: security; vehicular communication; unmanned area vehicle; attribute-based encryption; blockchain; connected and autonomous vehicle; privacy preservation; cyber security; machine learning
Department of Veterinary Sciences, University of Turin, 10095 Grugliasco, TO, Italy
Interests: optimization; communication networks; SDN; NFV; LPWAN; internet of things; smart agriculture

Department of Engineering and Computer Science, Seattle Pacific University, Seattle, WA 98119, USA
Interests: wireless sensor networks; RF channel modeling; wireless communications

Department of Economics and Management, Ufa University of Science and Technology, 450000 Ufa, Russia
Interests: mathematical methods in economics, business and finance; machine learning; data science and big data analytics; decision support systems; artificial intelligence; Digital twins; human capital; risk management; chaos theory
Distributed Systems Group, Department of Computer Science, University of Hamburg, 20146 Hamburg, Germany
Interests: distributed systems; mobile computing; cloud computing; self adaptation; context awareness
Electronics & Telecommunications Research Institute, Gwangju, Republic of Korea
Interests: security and privacy; authentication; metaverse; zero-knowledge proof; blockchain

Department of Complex Systems, Faculty of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Rzeszów University of Technology, al. Powstańców Warszawy 12, 35-959 Rzeszów, Poland
Interests: IoT; IoE; complex systems; computer networks; network virtualization and cloud computing
Laboratory for Energy Systems Analysis, Paul Scherrer Institute, Forschungsstrasse 111, 5232 Villigen PSI, Switzerland
Interests: life cycle assessment; environmental impact and external cost assessment; internal cost analysis; risk assessment; mobility; decision support

Institute of Fundamental Technological Research, Polish Academy of Sciences, Pawinskiego 5B, 02-106 Warsaw, Poland
Interests: information theory; neuroinformatics; neural networks; machine learning; artificial intelligence; information and communication technologies; information source; information transmission rate; shannon entropy; spiketrains; biomedical signal processing; immersive technologies; mixed reality; augmented reality; signal processing; vibration control; control theory; stochastic process; torsional vibrations; magneto-rheological dampers; fluctuations

Computer Science Department, University of Milano, Milan, Italy
Interests: mobile phone analysis; mobile network; data mining; analysis of the socio-spatio-temporal dynamics of mobile users; the design and the analysis of MEC solutions for 5G networks and beyond

Department of Electrical Engineering, Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana–Iztapalapa, Ciudad de México 09340, Mexico
Interests: radio frequency identification; wireless mesh networks; software defined wireless networking; vehicular ad hoc networks; QoS for 802.11 networks

Department of Computer Science, International Hellenic University, 65404 Kavala, Greece
Interests: network security; security; IT security; cryptography
Centre for Informatics and Systems of the University of Coimbra, University of Coimbra, 3030-290 Coimbra, Portugal
Interests: cloud computing; network security; social networking; social analysis; wireless network; web science; embedded systems; social networks; computer networks; web 2.0; web services; crowdsourcing frameworks

Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Seoul National University of Science and Technology, Seoul 01811, Republic of Korea
Interests: social networking security; artificial intelligence; deep learning; internet of things; wireless network

Computer Science, Department of Computer Science, Grambling State University – Grambling, 274 Carver Hall, Grambling, LA 71245, USA
Interests: internet of things; cloud storage security and access controls; and vulnerability assessment; machine learning; neural network applications

Lisbon School of Architecture, University of Lisbon, 1349-063 Lisboa, Portugal
Interests: spatial statistics; environmental impact assessment; industrial heritage; sustainability; statistical data analysis; architectural engineering

Department of Computer Science and Engineering, East West University, A/2 Jahurul Islam Avenue, Aftabnagar, DK 1212, USA
Interests: software engineering; data analytics

Departamento de Ciencias de la Computación, Universidad Rey Juan Carlos, 28933 Madrid, Spain
Interests: natural language processing; semantic web technologies; computational biology; biomedical informatics
Information and Communication Technologies engineering, University of Alcalá, 28801 Madrid, Spain
Interests: IoT; routing; data center networks; SDN; NFV; internet; 5G

Computer Science & Engineering Department, University Politehnica of Bucharest, 313 Splaiul Independentei, 060042 Bucharest, Romania
Interests: networking; security; IoT; HCI

Faculty of Science and Engineering, Engineering and the Built Environment, Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge CB1 1PT, UK
Interests: serious games; mechanical engineer; mechatronics and robotics engineering with specific artificial intelligence application
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