Entropy 2017 Travel Awards

Application deadline (expired): 30 November 2016
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Dear Colleagues,

As Editor-in-Chief of Entropy, I am pleased to announce the winners of the 2017 Entropy Travel Awards.

Travel Awards were granted to Ms. Gabriella Heller, Ph.D. student at the Department of Chemistry, University of Cambridge, UK and to Dr. David Gelbwaser, post-doctoral researcher at Center for Excitonics fellow and Aspuru-Guzik group, Harvard University, USA.

Ms. Gabriella Heller’s research is aimed at exploiting entropy to develop small molecules to therapeutically target disordered proteins associated with human disease. She is planning to present her work at the EUROMAR2017 conference.

Dr. David Gelbwaser’s research aims to understand what limits thermodynamics sets to the performance of quantum mechanical devices, particularly quantum heat machines and to show that quantum effects may enhance the performance of heat machines. He is planning to present his work at the conference Non-Markovianity and Strong Coupling Effects in Thermodynamics.

The awards consist of 800 Swiss Francs each to attend those specified academic conferences during 2017.

Prof. Dr. Kevin H. Knuth
Editor in Chief

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