27 July 2018
Entropy Best Poster Awards at Linnaeus Conference: Towards Ultimate Quantum Theory (UQT)

We are pleased to announce the winners of the two poster awards that Entropy sponsored at the Linnaeus Conference: Towards Ultimate Quantum Theory (UQT) in Växö (Sweden) on 11–14 June, 2018.

1st prize (350 CHF, certificate)

A quest for an epistemic reset in higher dimensional space” by R.C.-Z. Quehenberger

Suggests a unified world view by means of a five-dimensional geometry that renders Kaluza-Klein’s theories—as confirmed by Louis de Broglie in 1927—visually accessible. Moreover, this unification between the GRT-cosmology and QM derived from the 3D representation of the Penrose Kites and darts tiling provides fundamental structures used in quantum information, as well as in Kepler’s planetary motions as comprised in the Poincaré homology sphere as a model for the universe.

2nd prize (150 CHF, certificate)

Quantum Field with Time as a Dynamical Variable” by H.Y. Yau

Proposes that the properties of a zero-spin bosonic field can be reconciled by allowing matter to vibrate in time. These temporal vibrations are introduced to restore symmetry between time and space in the matter field. The system, with vibrations of matter in time, obeys the Klein–Gordon equation and the Schrödinger equation. The observable energy is quantized under the constraint that a particle's mass is on shell. There is only a probability of observing a particle at a given location. In addition, the spacetime outside a particle with oscillation in time satisfies the Schwarzschild field solution.

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