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Bayesian and Frequentist Model Averaging
(Editors: Mark F.J. Steel, Jan R. Magnus, Gonzalo García-Donato, Xinyu Zhang)
30 Jun 2019
Big Data in Economics and Finance
(Editors: Massimiliano Caporin, Juri Marcucci, J. James Reade)
31 May 2019 4
Celebrated Econometricians: David Hendry
(Editor: Neil Ericsson)
15 Nov 2018
Celebrated Econometricians: Katarina Juselius and Søren Johansen
(Editors: Paolo Paruolo, Rocco Mosconi)
30 Sep 2018 7
Celebrated Econometricians: Peter Phillips
(Editors: Federico Bandi, Alex Maynard, Hyungsik Roger Moon, Benoit Perron)
31 Oct 2018 9
Computational Complexity in Bayesian Econometric Analysis
(Editors: Herman K. van Dijk, Nalan Basturk, Roberto Casarin, Francesco Ravazzolo)
15 Sep 2015 9
Discrete-Valued Time Series: Modelling, Estimation and Forecasting
(Editors: Brendan McCabe, Andrew Tremayne)
31 Aug 2019 1
Econometrics and Income Inequality Printed Edition available
(Editors: Martin Biewen, Emmanuel Flachaire)
31 Jan 2018 16
(Editors: Christian Hafner, Zhengyuan Gao)
28 Feb 2019 3
Financial High-Frequency Data
(Editor: Nikolaus Hautsch)
29 Feb 2016 6
Quantile Methods
(Editor: Gabriel Montes-Rojas)
30 Apr 2016 5
Recent Advances in Theory and Methods for the Analysis of High Dimensional and High Frequency Financial Data
(Editors: Norman R. Swanson, Xiye Yang)
30 Sep 2019 1
Recent Developments in Cointegration Printed Edition available
(Editor: Katarina Juselius)
28 Feb 2017 11
Recent Developments in Copula Models
(Editor: Jean-David Fermanian)
31 Mar 2017 8
Recent Developments in Macro-Econometric Modeling: Theory and Applications
(Editors: Gilles Dufrénot, Fredj Jawadi, Alexander Mihailov)
30 Nov 2017 10
Recent Developments in Panel Data Methods
(Editors: In Choi, Ryo Okui)
31 Dec 2016 6
Recent Developments of Financial Econometrics
(Editors: Fredj Jawadi, Tony S. Wirjanto, Marc S. Paolella, Nuttanan Wichitaksorn)
29 Feb 2016 6
Resampling Methods in Econometrics
(Editors: Jean-Marie Dufour, Lynda A. Khalaf)
15 Dec 2018 4
Spatial Econometrics 30 Jun 2015 9
The Financial Econometrics of Asian Markets
(Editors: Mardi Dungey, Richard Gerlach, Jin-Huei Yeh)
31 Mar 2019
Towards a New Paradigm for Statistical Evidence
(Editors: Jae H. (Paul) Kim, M. Ishaq Bhatti)
30 Jun 2019 1
Unit Roots and Structural Breaks Printed Edition available
(Editor: Pierre Perron)
31 Aug 2016 9
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