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Designs is a peer-reviewed, open access journal covering a wide range of engineering design disciplines and industrial applications, including bioengineering.

Biomedical and bioengineering have become increasingly relevant with longer average life spans and the important role of health in modern society. This section is devoted to presenting innovative applications in bioengineering with a focus on the design of:

  • Innovative devices for the care and diagnosis of pathologies in humans and animals;
  • Innovative biomaterials for prosthesis;
  • Innovative biomaterials for tissue and in vitro applications;
  • New methods for disease diagnosis;
  • New methods for analysis in working conditions.

Manuscripts concerning bioengineering applications for human as well as animal health are welcome. Papers on the above topics with a focus on the applications, design, implementation, and theoretical studies of innovative devices or the improvement of existing ones are also encouraged, as are papers considering new approaches and materials for in vitro analysis and review papers.

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