Optical Chemical Sensors

A section of Chemosensors (ISSN 2227-9040).

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The section "Optical Chemical Sensors" includes original peer-reviewed papers (articles, reviews, trends or short communications) covering the latest advances in chemical sensors based on the measurement of optical phenomena, such as light absorption, luminescence, total internal reflection, or surface plasmon resonance, before the recognition event to detect and identify the target analyte. In recent years, optical detection sensors, often integrating developments in fluidics, electronics and biochemistry, have become a powerful detection and analysis tool with notable applications in biomedical research, food safety and environmental analysis. In this section, manuscripts focused on interdisciplinary research, design, the use of new optically active materials and applications with a special interest in multiplexed sensing, as well as low-cost or miniaturized devices and homogeneous sensor platforms, are particularly appreciated.

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