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15–30 November 2020 7th International Electronic Conference on Sensors and Applications


We are pleased to announce that the 7th International Electronic Conference on Sensors and Applications (ECSA-7), chaired by Dr. Stefano Mariani, Dr. Thomas B. Messervey, Dr. Alberto Vallan, Dr. Stefan Bosse and Dr. Francisco Falcone, will be held on from 15 to 30 November 2020.

This conference aims to provide leading scientists working in the field of sensing technologies and their applications with a robust common platform in which to share and discuss the latest research and to promote advancement of this exciting and rapidly changing field. We hope to encourage discovery across the discipline as we cover the following four broad themes in sessions A–D, and then seven more targeted themes in sessions S1–S7, as listed below:

  • Chemo and Biosensors (Session A)
  • Physical Sensors (Session B)
  • Sensor Networks (Session C)
  • Applications (Session D)
  • Structural Health Monitoring Technologies and Sensor Networks (Specific Session S1)
  • Wearable Sensors (Specific Session S2)
  • Smart Cities (Specific Session S3)
  • Nanosensors (Specific Session S4)
  • Optical Sensors (Specific Session S5)
  • Women in Sensors (Specific Session S6)
  • Special Session of the Chemosensors Journal (Specific Session S7)

We proudly invite the global community of scholars to join ECSA-7 to present their latest sensor research and development and share novel ideas on the multidisciplinary aspects of research and development of sensors and their applications, including materials-related topics. Thanks to the flexibility of our innovative electronic platform, you are welcome both to upload and present your work and to attend the conference completely free of charge. We are also considering creating a Special Issue for selected conference papers in our journal Sensors (ISSN 1424-8220, IF 3.275, Papers published in the Special Issue, if one does get created, would receive a 20% discount on the Article Processing Charges.

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Upcoming Partner Conferences (4)

26–28 May 2021 8th International Symposium on Sensor Science

Dresden, Germany

Gathering of the interdisciplinary community is necessary for synergistic development in the field of sensors and improvement of life quality. Updating the community on the most recent works and building new links between disciplines enables discussion and new collaborations.

This conference will bring together leading researchers, from both academia and industry, to share their recent findings on a range of topics related to Bio- and Nano-Sensors, Bioelectronics, Chemical Sensors, Physical Sensors, Sensor Applications, and Smart Systems. It will focus on significant advances in the area of sensorics, enabling increased sensitivity, portability, and connectivity. Therefore, the target participants for the proposed conference are experts in the sensors community while, at the same time, the conference is expected to be mutually beneficial for young researchers and students.

We look forward to welcoming you at this exciting meeting in Dresden.

30 May–3 June 2021 237th ECS Meeting with the 18th International Meeting on Chemical Sensors (IMCS 2020)

Montreal, Canada

This meeting is the largest and most renowned conference in this scientific area and an excellent opportunity to network with leaders in the field and with companies commercializing chemical sensors for the environment, medical, healthcare, industry, and food safety applications.

21–23 June 2021 The Australian Society for Molecular Imaging (ASMI) Scientific Symposium

Brisbane, Australia

The Australian Society for Molecular Imaging (ASMI) Scientific Symposium will be held on 21–23 June 2021 at the Translational Research Institute, Brisbane (, with the gathered support of the University of Queensland and the Translational Research Institute. The meeting will maintain its established multidisciplinary feature, attracting the wider community in fundamental and applied areas of chemistry, biology, imaging, and clinical practice. The meeting website can be found at Please note that we are in the process of building the website, and only basic information is currently available online. Previous ASMI meetings can be found at The general theme for ASMI2021 is “Molecular Imaging: From Diagnostics to Theranostics”, which focuses on

  1. Neuroscience;
  2. Cardiology;
  3. Oncology;
  4. Metabolism;
  5. Inflammation, Immunology, and Infections;
  6. New Chemistry and Probes;
  7. Instrumentation and Methodology.

We look forward to engaging in exciting discussions and hearing new ideas and perspectives from experts in the field.

27–29 October 2021 3-day International Conference on Materials Science

Verona, Italy

The scope of the conference is to bring together scientists from different areas of Materials Science, physicists, chemists, engineers, with the opportunity to present the state-of-the-art of their research and discuss the latest trends in the field.

The conference's topics are related to all aspects of scientific research of advanced and functional materials, such as nanomaterials, electronic and photonic materials (semiconductors, dielectrics, liquid crystals, ionic solids), ferroelectric and piezoelectric materials, ferromagnetics, multiferroics, thin-films and coatings, metals/alloys and composites, glasses, catalytic materials, polymers, energy materials, bio- and organic materials, including both experimental and theoretical aspects.

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