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The Section Catalysis of Chemistry covers academic and industrial aspects of catalysts, and catalytic reactions with special emphasis on environmentally friendly processes. The Section will feature homogeneous, heterogeneous, and enzymatic catalysis gathering the fundamentals of synthesis, catalysts characterization, and reaction engineering. Our scope pursues an integrative approach ranging from fundamental chemistry to applied engineering aspects. Hence, papers dealing with our understanding of catalysts’ electronic and geometrical structure as well as engineering aspects such as heat and mass transport phenomena in catalytic reactions are welcome. Computational and operando studies are encouraged for supporting mechanistic studies. Structured catalysts and novel catalytic reactor design are also a subject of our section. Process developments and high value-added products synthesis will also be featured.

Contributions to the Section Catalysis of Chemistry can be in the form of original articles, communications, or reviews. In addition, Special Issues on high impact topics will be published.

Topics that fall within the scope of the journal include any chemical, electrochemical, biological, biochemical, photochemical, and thermochemical catalytic process.

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