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The Wearable Biosensors Section publishes original peer-reviewed papers in the field of wearable sensing technology to noninvasively measure biochemical markers in biofluids. It covers a wide range of applications and wearable biosensor types.

Potential Topics

Representative Examples of Wearable Biosensors.

  • Epidermal wearable biosensors;
  • Eyeglasses;
  • Smart contact lenses;
  • Chem–phys hybrid sensor patches;
  • Integrated sensor arrays;
  • Wearable diagnostics;
  • Self-powered textile-based biosensors;
  • Mouthguards;
  • Graphene-based tooth sensors;
  • Nanomaterial based patches;
  • Iontophoretic patch biosensors;
  • Optical sensors;
  • Tattoo patch sensor.

Their Design or Utility.

  • Wrist-mounted wearable devices (wristbands; wrist watches; wrist patches);
  • Head-mounted devices;
  • (Eyeglasses; cavitas; caps/helmets);
  • E-textiles/smart clothing;
  • Chest-mounted devices;
  • Ingestible sensors.

Transduction Principles.

  • Microfluidic-integrated wearable biosensors;
  • Colorimetric-based wearable sensors;
  • Electrochemical-based wearable sensors;
  • Optical-based sensors.

Materials Use.

  • Self-healing flexible wearable sensors (self-healing polymer; conductive ink; hydrogels; dynamic polymer materials);
  • Biocompatible wearable sensors (nanoscale material;bioresorbable silicon; cellulose; chitin; alginate; polydimethylsiloxane; polyurethane);
  • Biodegradable flexible sensors.

Application for Detection of Biomarkers in Biofluids.

  • Saliva; tears; sweat;
  • Implantable and subcutaneous;
  • Wearable biosensors;
  • Blood; interstitial fluid; wound fluid.

Technology and Timing Response.

  • Real-time response;
  • Multi-functional response;
  • Personalized response;
  • Remote response;
  • Continuous response;
  • Intelligent response.

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