27 September 2020
Prof. Dr. Saulius Juodkazis Appointed Section Editor-in-Chief of the Section “Optics and Lasers” in Applied Sciences

We are pleased to announce that Prof. Dr. Saulius Juodkazis has been appointed as the Editor-in-Chief of the section “Optics and Lasers” of Applied Sciences.

Saulius Juodkazis is Professor of nanophotonics and Director of the nanotechnology facility at Swinburne Centre for Micro-Photonics. His current research is focused on applying principles of light-field enhancement and its spectral control for applications in microoptics, sensing, solid-state lighting, and solar energy conversion.

Professor Juodkazis has contributed to the development of a three-dimensional laser printing with nano-/microscale precision using femtosecond laser for applications in optofluidics, micro-optics, optical memory, and photonic crystals. He has shown, experimentally, the creation of high-pressure density phases of materials using tightly focused ultra-short laser pulses. Currently, his research also includes nanotextured surfaces for sensing, bactericidal, and light-harvesting applications.

Professor Juodkazis received his doctorate in experimental physics and materials science jointly from Vilnius University (Lithuania) and Lyon-I University (France). He has also held previous tenured positions at the Universities of Tokushima and Hokkaido in Japan, and is the author of 320 peer-reviewed journal papers and reviews as well as numerous book chapters. He is Fellow of OSA and SPIE and ChangJiang scholar.

His research area also focuses on nanofabrication, nanophotonics, micro-optics, 3D laser fabrication (additive and subtractive), ablation, light–matter interaction, solar hydrogen, physics, and photonics.

We warmly welcome Prof. Dr. Saulius Juodkazis as the Editor-in-Chief of the section “Optics and Lasers”, and we look forward to achieving many milestones under his leadership. For further information on the journal section, please visit the following link.

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