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Section Topical Advisory Panel Members for 'Animal Nutrition' (25)

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Dr. Marco Alabiso
Department of Agricultural, Food and Forest Sciences (SAAF), University of Palermo, Palermo, Italy
Interests: meat and milk productions; animal nutrition; animal products quality; ruminants.
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Dr. Justyna Batkowska
Associate Professor, Institute of Biological Basis of Animal Production, University of Life Sciences in Lublin, Lublin, Poland
Interests: poultry; rearing system; meat quality; eggs quality; hatching eggs
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Dr. Julio Francisco Díaz Berrocoso
Poultry Research Center, Toledo, Spain
Interests: amino acids; fiber sources; feed evaluation; functional proteins; metabolizable energy; nutraceuticals and phytobiotics; nutrient digestibility; organic acids
Dr. Valentina Caprarulo
Dipartimento di Medicina Molecolare e Translazionale, Università degli Studi di Brescia, Brescia, Italy
Interests: dairy cows; beef cows; swine; animal nutrition; alternative to antibiotics; natural extracts; feed additives; livestock sustainability; ammonia; nitrous oxide; methane; manure
Dr. Maria Antonietta Colonna
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Department of Agricultural and Environmental Science, University of Bari Aldo Moro, 70126 Bari, Italy
Interests: animal feeding; nutrition; meat quality; sheep; goat; beef production
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Dr. Anna De Angelis
Department of Agriculture, Food and Environment, Università degli Studi di Catania, Catania, Italy
Interests: animal nutrition and feeding; alternative protein sources; aquaculture
Dr. Elena De Felice
School of Biosciences and Veterinary Medicine, University of Camerino, 62032 Camerino, Italy
Interests: molecular biology; immunohistochemistry; food intake; regulation of food intake; gut–brain axis; aging; animal models
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Dr. Luiz F. Ferraretto
Department of Animal and Dairy Sciences, University of Wisconsin–Madison, Madison, WI, USA
Interests: dairy cows; silage; fiber; starch; forage production; ruminant nutrition
Dr. Eliana Jerónimo
Centro de Biotecnologia Agrícola e Agro-Alimentar do Alentejo (CEBAL), Instituto Politécnico de Beja (IPBeja), Beja, Portugal
Interests: ruminant nutrition; ruminant production; non-conventional feeding resources; lipid metabolism; fatty acids; lipid oxidation; antioxidants and antioxidant mechanism; plant secondary compounds; animal products quality
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Dr. Bartosz Kierończyk
Department of Animal Nutrition, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine and Animal Science, Poznań University of Life Sciences, Wołyńska 33, 60-637 Poznań, Poland
Interests: non-ruminant nutrition; poultry; companion animals; feed additives; insects as food and feed; GIT microbiology; GIT physiology
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Dr. Rodrigo Marques
Department of Animal and Range Sciences, Montana State University, Bozeman, MT 59717, USA
Interests: nutritional management; beef cattle operations; reproductive responses in cattle; offspring performance; immunity
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Dr. Joe Pagan
Kentucky Equine Research, Versailles, KY 40383, USA
Interests: equine nutrition; equine exercise physiology
Dr. Marisa Palazzo
Agriculture, Environment and Food, Università degli Studi del Molise, Campobasso, Italy
Interests: meat quality; animal nutrition
Dr. Shannon E. Pratt-Phillips
Department of Animal Science, North Carolina State University, Raleigh, NC 27607, USA
Interests: equine nutrition and exercise physiology: glucose metabolism, insulin sensitivity and regulation of glycogen re-synthesis after strenuous exercise
Prof. Dr. João B. Rodrigues
Research and Operational Support Department, The Donkey Sanctuary, Sidmouth, Devon EX10 0NU, UK
Interests: working equids; animal welfare; equid dentistry; harness; animal traction
Dr. Alberto Romanzin
Department of Agriculture, Food, Environmental and Animal Science, University of Udine, Udine, Italy
Interests: ruminant nutrition; dairy production; feed efficiency; applied animal behaviour; methane mitigation
Dr. George K. Symeon
Research Institute of Animal Science, HAO-DEMETER, Giannitsa, Greece
Interests: livestock science; animal nutrition; animal behavior; animal products quality
Dr. Monika Słupecka-Ziemilska
Mossakowski Medical Research Institute, Polish Academy of Sciences, Warsaw, Poland
Interests: milk; bioactive peptides; GIT development; developmental programming
Dr. Katerina Theodoridou
Institute of Global Food Security, Queen’s University Belfast, 19 Chlorine Gardens, Northern Ireland, Belfast BT9 5DL, UK
Interests: polyphenols; ruminant nutrition; alternative protein sources; animal products; milk and meat quality; feed evaluation; methane and ammonia emissions
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Dr. Serhat Turkmen
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Department of Biology, University of Alabama at Birmingham, Birmingham, AL 35294, USA
Interests: fish nutrition; epigenetics; lipid metabolism; effects of parental nutrition; nutrigenomics; fatty acid synthesis
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