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"The collaboration with the journal Plants in MDPI has and continues to provide me with significant benefits. In particular, I was and still am honored to have cooperated with the [...] Read more.

"I found the collaborative work with the colleague who curated the Special Issue with me very exciting. I also appreciated the exchanges of advice between us and the members of [...] Read more.

"Firstly, it exposed me to the editing process. It is an excellent form of Academic engagement. Having Special Issues is important because they house similar information, which makes literature search [...] Read more.

"Organising a Special Issue and obtaining quality submissions is no easy task. However, with MDPI this experience is a collaborative and dedicated team experience. Thank you, MDPI staff." [...] Read more.

"Acting as Special Editor in an issue of the Journal of Clinical Medicine was a pleasant and interesting experience. Being able to develop a topic of interest with the support [...] Read more.

"The excellent system of communication with the editorial staff and their courtesy made my experience as Guest Editor for a Special Issue quite easy." [...] Read more.

"My Special Issue experience made it possible to learn about some of the top developments in my research field. I was delighted for the opportunity to shine a light on [...] Read more.

"My experience with the editorial office was excellent. I had problems finding a minimum of 10 authors that were willing to publish a paper in this Special Issue, but finally [...] Read more.

"The assistance provided in the management of the Special Issue was critical to the success of the project." [...] Read more.

I am honored to have contributed to the success of this Special Issue. I had a very exciting and highly professional experience. It was challenging and dynamic at the same [...] Read more.

This has been my second experience as a Guest Editor of a Special Issue in an MDPI journal, and it has, like first time, exceeded my expectations. The MDPI team [...] Read more.

The experience of participating in a Special Edition with MDPI was very enriching due to the opportunity to promote themes with great potential and scientific relevance. [...] Read more.

Generally, my experience guest editing a SI has been good, with steady staff support in particular from the Assistant Editor. I have only one note: often for the sake of [...] Read more.

MDPI’s staff works to make every step easy for you, it was a great experience and the best way to disseminate specific research with interdisciplinary works. [...] Read more.

My personal experience was positive not only for the quality of the articles I read but also from the point of view of the relationship with the editorial staff. [...] Read more.

I have collaborated with MDPI on several Special Issues. My personal experience has been excellent. The aid and support from MDPI (Jean Meng) was relevant and very efficient. It was [...] Read more.

I appreciate that the journal allows me to implement the quality-based vision of the SI which I guest edit. It may come with a higher rejection rate and make the [...] Read more.

To be the editor of this Special Issue was an interesting and useful experience. Moreover, the support from the editorial staff was really helpful and made it a pleasant experience. [...] Read more.

My experience with this Special Issue has been really exciting. Although today the calls for papers come from many journals, IJMS has the potential to attract leading scientists. Furthermore, the [...] Read more.

I was fully supported by SI managing Editor Ms. Glinda He, and her prompt responses were greatly appreciated. Manuscript processing was transparent to the authors and reviewers and the speed [...] Read more.

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