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I am very satisfied with the professional and efficient workflow that MDPI has. The interactions with the editorial staff are very fast and fluid. The dissemination of research is also [...] Read more.

I would recommend the experience of being a Special Issue editor to everyone who can promote the topic and collect papers. With the help of the editorial staff, the Special [...] Read more.

"The journal managers are diligent and polite in ensuring progression of the paper submission process. The speed of notifications related to the manuscript is relatively fast. I am satisfied." [...] Read more.

My experience with MDPI was excellent. The editorial team did very professional work. They were efficient and always available to answer my questions. I highly recommend my students and colleagues [...] Read more.

The processing of manuscripts is very rapid. The editorial staff involved are very professional. [...] Read more.

Very professional and fast service. [...] Read more.

The editors very quickly provide essential information and answer questions in detail. Thanks to the reviews I received, I was able to improve my work. The received reviews are also [...] Read more.

"An excellent experience and networking that has enabled further expansion of the professional and research interaction." [...] Read more.

I had my first publication in Sensors MDPI. This was a great opportunity for me to develop my professional life and future career path. During the reviewing process, I received [...] Read more.

Excellent advice and feedback given at all stages, from the initial manuscript submission through to publish. I highly recommend this publisher. [...] Read more.

“MDPI represents for me a modern and efficient community of researchers. Scientific publications are treated with balanced methods that guarantee professionalism and the right processing times.” [...] Read more.

“Overall, I was very satisfied with the entire submission and publication process. The editors were always kind, helpful and answered quickly to problems and questions. The quality of the electronic [...] Read more.

“I appreciate the treatment of the editorial board with the authors of the manuscript ID: sensors-233028. Additionally, I'm satisfied with your fast feedback and communication in each processing stage.” [...] Read more.

“It is very good, the reviewers' comments are very helpful and constructive, and the editors' information is very timely and friendly.” [...] Read more.

“It was a very satisfactory experience. The review process was fast and the paper quality was improved. The publication process was even faster and the final result is excellent.” [...] Read more.

“Thanks for the help of editor Ms. Karina.Gao and other editorial staff. Overall, the publication process and the speed of online availability of our article in Sensors Journal were excellent.” [...] Read more.

“Dear editor and work team. Thank you for taking the time and effort to review and publish the document. We will surely send other contributions in the near future. In [...] Read more.

“The editor is very kind. And the process of review is quick and all comments are helpful. Thank you very much.” [...] Read more.

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