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Subm. D/L
Age-Related Macular Degeneration
(Editors: R. Theodore Smith, Victor Chong)
30 Jun 2018 7
Development of Advanced Eye-tracking Technologies and Applications
(Editor: Moshe Eizenman)
31 Aug 2018 1
Eye Movements and Visual Cognition
(Editors: Raymond M. Klein, Simon P. Liversedge)
28 Feb 2019
Mechanics of Myopia Progression and Myopia Development
(Editor: Amanda French)
31 Mar 2019
Multisensory Modulation of Vision
(Editor: Vincent A. Billock )
31 Mar 2019
Physiological Optics of Accommodation and Presbyopia
(Editors: Leon N. Davies, Amy L. Sheppard)
15 Apr 2019 4
Purinergic Receptors in the Eye
(Editor: Tetsuya Sugiyama)
31 May 2018 5
Reflexive Shifts in Visual Attention
(Editors: Alessandro Soranzo, Christopher J. Wilson, Marco Bertamini)
30 Nov 2017 15
Role of the Pulvinar in Visual Processing
(Editor: Christian Casanova)
31 May 2019
The Eye, The Brain & The Auto - Selected Papers from 8th World Research Congress on Vision and Driving
(Editors: Edward O’Malley, David Goldman, Cynthia Owsley)
21 Dec 2018
The Perspective of Visual Space
(Editor: Casper Erkelens)
30 Sep 2018 3
The Relationship between Structure and Function in Glaucoma
(Editors: Roger Anderson, Tony Redmond)
30 Apr 2019
Visual Control of Action
(Editor: Rebecca M. Förster)
28 Feb 2019
Visual Direction
(Editors: Hiroshi Ono, Alistair P. Mapp)
30 Sep 2018 3
Visual Motion Processing
(Editor: Chris Klink)
15 Jan 2019 1
Visual Orienting and Conscious Perception
(Editor: Anthony James Lambert)
31 Jan 2019
Visual Perception and Its Neural Mechanisms
(Editors: Kendrick Kay, Bas Rokers)
15 Oct 2018 1
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