Bacterial Viruses

A section of Viruses (ISSN 1999-4915).

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The section ‘Bacterial Viruses’ covers both bacteriophages and archaeal viruses. The topics include mechanistic studies of phage structure, phage evolution, gene expression and regulation, genome replication, virion assembly, phage–host interactions, phage therapy, and other phage applications.

Please note that we aim not to publish papers that report the phage sequence annotation accompanied only by the conventional characterization of the phage, such as TEM image, phylogeny, pH and temperature stability, host range, and single-step growth curves. More complete stories are requested with additional data on one or all of the following: experimental identification of the phage receptor, proteomic analysis of the phage particle-associated proteins, transcriptomics (RNA-seq) on phage-infected bacteria, and experimental identification of phage promoters. As an exception, Bacterial Viruses will consider short communications equivalent to “genome announcements” on novel isolated phages, particularly those that infect obscure hosts or difficult-to-work-with hosts.

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