19–23 April 2020, Lima, Peru
7th Pan-America Dengue Research Network Meeting

PanDengue Net is a non-profit initiative that gathers scientists, researchers and medical professionals working in the field of arbovirology across the Americas (  The PanDengue Net meeting, which is an event scheduled every two years, brings these researchers together in the context of a 4-day scientific gathering.  The meeting allows presentation and discussion of recent advances in the field.  The main focus is on Dengue, Zika, Chikungunya and other arboviruses of medical relevance that severely impact public health in the Americas and around the world.

The upcoming 7th PanDengue Network Meeting will take place in Lima, Peru, on April 19-23, 2020.  As in previous meetings (2008 Recife, Brazil; 2010 Cancun, Mexico; 2012 Cartagena, Colombia; 2014 Belém, Brazil; 2016 Panama City, Panama and 2018 Galveston, Texas, USA) the Lima meeting will include preeminent scientists from a wide range of fields, including vaccine development, vector research and control, molecular epidemiology, diagnostics, antivirals, viral structure and pathogenesis, and viral immunology. The meeting is essential to foster collaborations among groups and to discuss future research strategies needed to strengthen the field. Importantly, the meeting also provides a unique platform for students and junior investigators from across Latin America and the Caribbean, who are usually underrepresented in science, to come together under one roof with leading figures in the field.

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