12–15 September 2023, Palić, Serbia
V Meeting on A&M DATA - Astronomy & Earth Observations

The Organizing Committee is pleased to inform you that the V Meeting on A&M DATA - Astronomy & Earth Observations will be held in the period September 12-15, 2023, at “Hotel Prezident – Palić“. The meeting covers a wide range of topics from fundamental studies to applications.

Scientific rationale
Efficiency of theoretical analysis, synthesis and modeling of various environments, depends on atomic data and their sources. In particular, for the modeling of stellar atmospheres and opacity calculations a large number of atomic data is needed, since we do not know a priori the chemical composition of a stellar atmosphere. The same holds for Earth observations. Consequently, the development of databases with atomic data as well as astro-geoinformatics is important. This meeting will bring together physicists, astro & geophysicists from Serbia and elsewhere to review the present stage of research in this field. The meeting is planned as an opportunity to consider the above-mentioned aspects of spectroscopic research on plenary sessions and then to work on the special mini-projects, which will result in common papers to be published in international scientific journals.

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