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22–23 June 2022 Co-clinical Imaging Research Resource Program Annual Virtual Meeting 2022


This meeting will focus on how quantitative imaging methods are optimized to improve the quality of imaging results for co-clinical trials of adult and pediatric cancers and what co-clinical quantitative imaging information is currently available at NCI co-clinical imaging research resources.

The CIRP network was formed in 2018 based on a trans-NCI initiative, with the joint effort of the Cancer Imaging Program at the Division of Cancer Treatment and Diagnosis, Division of Cancer Biology, and Division of Cancer Prevention. The mission is to advance the practice of precision medicine by establishing consensus-based best practices for co-clinical quantitative imaging to enable disease detection, risk stratification, and assessment/prediction of response to therapy. Seven of the nine CIRP teams will demonstrate their web resources at this meeting. Previous CIRP annual meetings can be found at

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