Affiliated Societies

European Network of Sport Education (ENSE)

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The European Network of Sport Education (ENSE) is an international non-profit organization, and has been active in the field of sport education in Europe since 1989.

The ENSE works to create learning opportunities, skills, competences, and qualifications in all settings for people or organisations leading, developing, and supporting sport activities. The ENSE aims to achieve this by working on pan-European projects, creating innovative educational materials, connecting organisations working in the field of sport education, and advocating for effective policies on the European level.

European Sport Nutrition Society (ESNS)

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The European Sport Nutrition Society (ESNS) brings together researchers and experts of sport nutrition. The company focuses on all aspects correlated to sport nutrition, also investigating the dietary, physiological, biochemical, molecular, epidemiological, psychological and motivational aspects all related to sport performance, exercise and overall general well-being.

The ESNS aims to examine the various aspects and analyze the emerging problems in this research area, contributing to their resolution and to the dissemination of accurate information on sport nutrition to the general public.

The ESNS engages in a relationship of active collaboration with Italian and foreign scientific Associations and Companies and with Federations of national and international scientific Companies. The Association provides for the cooperation with various public health institutions of the different countries and the promotion of clinical trials and scientific research studies.

The ESNS is non-profit-making and does not pursue trade-union, political or religious objectives, but has purely educational, training and research purposes in the area of sport nutrition and physical exercise.

Strength and Conditioning Society (SCS)

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The Strength and Conditioning Society (SCS) is a non-profit, international association devoted to fostering scientific research in the field of strength and conditioning.

Through its sport sciences and clinical multi-disciplinary team of professionals, SCS aims to examine strength training and conditioning from a multifaceted perspective, including all physiological, biomechanical, psychological and epidemiological aspects. Thus, it strives to improve knowledge in the area of strength and conditioning and its broad application to sports performance, injury prevention, rehabilitation, and health improvement.

It contributes to the dissemination of this knowledge to the scientific and professional community and encourages initiatives aimed at increasing public awareness of findings in terms of strength and conditioning research and practice. 

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