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Advances in Nanoparticle-Mediated Drug Delivery
(Editors: Murali Mohan Yallapu, Raghvendra A. Bohara, Varaprasad Kokkarachedu)
30 Jun 2019
Advances in Ophthalmic Drug Delivery
(Editors: Francisco Javier Otero-Espinar, Anxo Fernandez Ferreiro)
30 Apr 2019
Cosmeceuticals from Natural Sources
(Editor: Chih-Chien Lin)
31 Jan 2019 3
Heterocyclic Chemistry in Drug Design
(Editor: Roman B. Lesyk)
28 Feb 2019 3
Kinase Inhibitors in Cancer and Central Nervous System
(Editor: Thierry Besson)
28 Mar 2019
Mucoadhesive Drug Delivery Systems: An Always Promising Approach
(Editor: Susi Burgalassi)
13 Dec 2019
New Insights into Drug Delivery and Absorption
(Editor: Miklós Vecsernyés)
31 May 2019 1
Quality Control of Herbal Products: Secondary Metabolites as Special Markers
(Editors: Helen D. Skaltsa, Anastasia Karioti)
17 Jan 2020
Selected Papers from the International Seminar on Pharmacology and Clinical Pharmacy (ISPCP-ITB 2016)
(Editor: Gernot A. Eller)
31 Dec 2016 9
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