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The Austrian Pharmaceutical Society (Österreichische Pharmazeutische Gesellschaft, ÖPhG) sees itself as an integrative forum for all who are interested in the scientific and practical aspects of pharmacy. It was founded in Vienna in 1979 on the initiative of Prof. Gottfried Heinisch (Pharmaceutical Chemistry) and Prof. Wolfgang Kubelka (Pharmacognosy). Currently it has about 700 members.

From the very beginning, one of the main objectives of the ÖPhG was to intensify contacts and communication between universities, industry, hospital and office pharmacies, wholesalers and health authorities in Austria. Increasingly, relations have been maintained abroad, especially at European level (for example within the EUFEPS).

The scientific meetings of the society are held predominantly in Graz, Innsbruck and Vienna, occasionally, they take place together with sister societies also abroad. Like other events of the ÖPhG (lectures, seminars, excursions, workshops, etc.) they provide an excellent opportunity for exchange of views and personal discussions.

A special concern of the ÖPhG is the promotion of young scientists (diploma awards, financial grants, etc.).

Publication organ of the ÖPhG for all ranges of the pharmacy is the journal "Scientia Pharmaceutica", which is published together with the Austrian pharmacist chamber by MDPI; it is also available online since 2000.

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