Nanomaterials 2016 Travel Awards

Application deadline (expired): 31 May 2016
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Dear Colleagues,

As Editor-in-Chief of Nanomaterials, I am pleased to announce the winners of the Nanomaterials Travel Awards for 2016:

Travel Awards were granted to Steven Swasey, a PhD candidate in Dr. Beth Gwinn’s lab at The University of California Santa Barbara, USA, and to Dr. Albert Serrà i Ramos, a post-doctoral researcher in Dr. Elisa Vallés’s group at Barcelona University, Spain.

Steven Swasey studies DNA nanotechnology. His research is focuses on understanding the structural impact and rules of Ag+-mediated base pairing in mixed and homobase DNA and the formation and structure of DNA-stabilized silver clusters (AgN-DNA), with particular focus on involvement of Ag+. He will give an oral presentation on “Clusters with a Twist: DNA-Stabilized Fluorescent Silver Clusters” at the upcoming Fall Meeting of the American Chemical Society.

Dr. Albert Serrà i Ramos has been working in the areas of nanomaterials and electrochemistry. His research focuses mainly on the generalization of novel electrochemical shape-controlled approaches for the development or improvement of electrochemical micro- and nano-fabrication strategies. He will present his work in a communication on the electrochemical synthesis of mesoporous nanorods for electrocatalytic applications at the 67th Meeting of the International Society of Electrochemistry.

It is my great pleasure to congratulate both winners to the very well deserved Nanomaterials Travel Awards.

Thomas Nann

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