5–7 July 2023, Padua, Italy
4th International Symposium on Negative Thermal Expansion and Related Materials (ISNTE-4)

The 4th International Symposium on Negative Thermal Expansion and Related Materials (ISNTE-4) is the fourth in a series of International Symposia which aim to bring together researchers from around the world interested in controlling and exploiting the properties of thermoresponsive materials.

The three previous editions were held in Beijing (2015), Tokyo (2017) and Edinburgh (2019). After postponing the event for two years due to the Covid pandemic, we are pleased to announce that the fourth edition of this event will take place in Padua from 5th to 7th July 2023, with an opening reception for delegates on Tuesday 4th July.

Conference topics cover all aspects of negative thermal expansion (NTE) and of the control of thermal expansion, such as

  • NTE phenomena of phonon, electronic and magnetic origin;
  • NTE materials (oxides, fluorides, metal organic frameworks, intermetallics, organic molecular materials, polymers, meta materials, etc.);
  • different strategies for controlling the thermal expansion of materials and related applications;
  • more in general, thermoresponsive materials.

We believe that face-to-face events greatly contribute to share knowledge and strengthen collaborations, so this conference is meant to be on-site. The scientific contributions will be organized in oral and poster presentations. Participants will have the possibility to meet informally during conference breaks and social events.

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