Membrane Engineering and Applications

A section of Membranes (ISSN 2077-0375).

Section Information

The Section “Membrane Engineering and Applications" of Membranes aims to rapidly publish original research papers and reviews on varying aspects of engineering and applications of membrane research. The Section Board consists of distinguished scientists that support the Section Editor-in-Chief in their effort to complete this mission. The section involves a wide spectrum of scientific topics relevant to membrane engineering and applications, such as structure and property relationship studies, membrane fouling, new membrane materials and designs, and novel membrane processes and applications.

Selective topics include but are not limited to:

  • Membranes for gas separation
  • Membranes for liquid separation
  • Membranes for water filtration (microfiltration, ultrafiltration, nanofiltration, reverse osmosis and forward osmosis)
  • Membranes for energy (fuel cells and battery)
  • Membranes for bioreactors
  • Membranes for pervaporation
  • Membrane distillation and crystallization
  • Organic–inorganic composite membranes
  • Metal–organic framework membranes
  • Inorganic porous membranes
  • Hydrogen permeable metal membranes
  • Novel membrane systems and processes
  • Membrane reactors for process intensification
  • Membrane processes for water treatments
  • Membrane processes for chemical processes

Special Issue

Following special issue within this section is currently open for submissions:

Papers Published

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