Mathematical Biology

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The Section “Mathematical Biology” of Mathematics publishes original research findings, review papers, and perspective papers relevant to the interface of biology and mathematical sciences. Contributions should have relevance to both fields. Papers that provide new concepts or enhance understanding of biological systems using mathematical models are particularly welcome. All mathematical approaches, including computational approaches, will be considered.

All contributions are peer reviewed.

Prof. Dr. Sergei Petrovskii
Section Editor-in-Chief


• Brain and neuroscience;
• Cancer growth and treatment;
• Cell biology;
• Chaos and fractal;
• Computational biology;
• Developmental biology;
• Ecology;
• Epidemiology;
• Evolution;
• Immunology;
• Microbiology and molecular biology;
• Multiscale systems;
• Networks (including food webs);
• Physiology;
• Population dynamics;
• Random walks and individual movement;
• Systems biology.

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