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9–13 May 2021 The 11th International Symposium on Cavitation (CAV2021)

Daejeon, Korea

The 11th International Symposium on Cavitation (CAV2021) will be held during May 9 – 13, 2021 in Daejeon, Korea. The purpose of this Symposium is to provide a forum for sharing advancements in understanding basic physics and applications among the global cavitation community.

The Local Organizing Committee is delighted to support the CAV2021 and to welcome all of you to the city of Daejeon, the most high-tech city in Korea.

Important Dates

Abstract Submission due date: August 31, 2020

Full Paper Submission for Review: December TBD, 2020

Final Paper Submission due date: February 28, 2021

Early Registration: April 10, 2021

CAV2021 Topics

  1. Nucleation and Inception
  2. Bubble Dynamics and Bubbly Flows
  3. Advanced Computational Modeling
  4. Sheet and Cloud Cavitation
  5. Tip Vortex Cavitation
  6. Supercavitation
  7. Cavitation Erosion
  8. Cavitation in Marine Propeller
  9. Cavitation in Fluid Machinery
  10. Cavitation Induced Noise and Vibration
  11. Cavitation Control and Supression
  12. Cavitation in Biology and Bioengineering
  13. Sonochemistry and Sonoluminescence
  14. Advanced Measurement Techniques

More details are available on the symposium website:

CAV2021 Secretariat:

[email protected]

19–21 May 2021 3rd International Conference on Modelling and Optimisation of Ship Energy Systems (MOSES 2021)

Espoo, Finland

Following the successful organisation of the MOSES 2019 in Strathclyde, MOSES 2021 aims to address the modern challenges of comprehensive system design, leveraging existing data and virtualization in the field of the ship energy systems design and operation.

Stringent environmental regulations, volatility of fuel prices, alternative fuels, development of emerging technologies, artificial intelligence methods, big data analytics, ship systems autonomy and 4th industrial revolution concepts provide to the ship energy systems designer and operator both challenges and opportunities, which if appropriately addressed will result in step changes in the way the ships energy systems are perceived today.

In this respect, MOSES2021 will provide an opportunity to bring together scientists and professionals from industry, academia, government departments, private institutions, research institutions, being a forum for the exchange of the most contemporary ideas, techniques, methods and experience in the area of ship energy systems including modelling, optimisation, control, maintenance, safety, autonomy, environmental friendliness and sustainability.

14–18 June 2021 World Aquaculture 2020


WORLD AQUACULTURE 2020 will be held in Singapore with involvement from countries throughout the Asian-Pacific region and around the world. Aquaculture is rapidly growing in the Asian-Pacific region and increasingly being integrated into the Singapore food systems; therefore 2020 is the perfect time for the world aquaculture community to focus on Singapore..

A major international trade show at WORLD AQUACULTURE 2020 is the place to learn about the latest aquaculture technologies presented by exhibitors from around the world.

Stay in touch with the program developments for WORLD AQUACULTURE 2020 through our Web Page at:

For questions please contact us by Email: or Tel: +1-760-751-5005

29–30 June 2021 8th PRIMaRE Conference


The PRIMaRE conference series is now in its 8th year and provides a forum for presenting and discussing the latest research & development in all areas related to Marine Renewable Energy. This year, the PRIMaRE conference will be held online, between the 29th and 30th June 2021, due to the restrictions caused by COVID-19, and will be run by Bangor University. The conference includes universities, industry and research centres active in all aspects of marine renewable energy and is expected to attract over 100 participants ranging from industrial developers, university researchers, marine environmentalists and policy makers. The aim of the event is to cover a wide range of topics in marine renewable energy, including: technology, policy, environment, hydrodynamics, resource characterisation, materials, operation and management, etc.

9–13 May 2022 7th International Symposium on Marine Propulsors

Wuxi, China

smp’ 22 is the seventh in a series of international symposiums dedicated to hydrodynamics of all types of marine propulsors. Previous smp were held in Trondheim, Norway (2009), in Hamburg, Germany (2011), in Launceston, Tasmania, Australia (2013), in Austin, Texas, USA (2015), in Espoo, Finland (2017) and in Rome, Italy (2019). smp’22 provides a forum to present state-of-the-art research and studies on existing marine propulsors as well as a platform for introduction of new types of propulsors. Special attention is given to high efficiency propulsion devices. Environmental issues are addressed by introducing topics on green propulsion.

More details are available on the conference website:

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