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2–5 April 2023 The 20th International Conference on Sheet Metal (SHEMET 2023)

Nuremberg, Germany

The biannual international conference on sheet metal, celebrating its 20th realization 2nd–5th April 2023 in Nuremberg, is bringing together experts from industry and research from all over the world. Sheet metal, its properties and methods of efficient and targeted processing are an important issue today, maybe even more important than they have been in the past. A total of six keynote presentations equally distributed between industry and research as well as six organized topical sessions will ensure a vivid and fruitful discussion among all participants. For more information and details, visit

19–20 October 2023 The 3rd International Conference on Advanced Joining Processes 2023

Braga, Portugal

The 3rd International Conference on Advanced Joining Processes 2023 will take place in Braga (Portugal) on 19–20 October 2023. This conference is held every two years. The conference is chaired by Lucas F. M. da Silva and co-chaired by Paulo Martins (University of Lisbon, Portugal), Mohamad El-Zein (John Deere, USA) and Uwe Reisgen (RWTH Aachen University). The German Scientific Society of Joining (WGF, Wissenschaftliche Gesellschaft Fügetechnik) supports this conference. The focus is on all advanced methods of joining such as friction stir welding, joining by plastic deformation, laser welding, advanced mechanical joining, adhesive bonding, hybrid joining, etc.

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