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29–31 October 2021 National Powder Metallurgy Conference 2021

Changsha, China

The most important series of conferences is held every two years in the powder metallurgy industry in China. The purpose of the conference is to set up an exchange platform for science and technology personnel and government departments engaged in the research, development, and industrialization of POWDER metallurgy in China, to discuss and share the latest research results in the field of powder metallurgy and achieve the purpose of mutual promotion and common improvement. The meeting will be around the following themes: powder preparation and forming technology, material manufacturing technology, powder metallurgy structural materials, refractory metal and cemented carbide, superhard materials, advanced structural ceramics, metal catalysis and energy materials, powder metallurgy material-integrated computing and genetic engineering, function of powder metallurgy materials, and powder metallurgy academic publishing communication.

You will meet the following journals at the conference:
- Applied Sciences
- Materials
- Metals
- Technologies

We look forward to meeting you at the conference site.

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