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10–15 January 2021 3D Human Understanding (3DHU 2020)

Milan, Italy

The significant recent advancements in research fields such as robotics, autonomous driving, or human-machine interaction strongly renewed the interest in understanding the 3D world. In this context, interpreting the behavior of humans represents a crucial step towards the development of systems able to naturally blend into the real world.

Other than that, 3D data represents a richer source of information compared to 2D images or video sequences, and the development of new affordable and accurate 3D acquisition sensors is making the application of machine learning algorithms possible in real scenarios, further posing new challenges and practical issues.

The goal of this workshop is to bring together and unify research efforts in the field of 3D human understanding, spanning a variety of both theoretical and applicative topics. In the context of human analysis, there are several technical problems that are still open and that this workshop aims to address.

Keywords: 3D Reconstruction, Pose Estimation, Geometric Deep Learning, Neural Rendering, Action and Gesture Recognition, Point-clouds and meshes, monocular depth.

26–28 May 2021 8th International Symposium on Sensor Science

Dresden, Germany

Gathering of the interdisciplinary community is necessary for synergistic development in the field of sensors and improvement of life quality. Updating the community on the most recent works and building new links between disciplines enables discussion and new collaborations.

This conference will bring together leading researchers, from both academia and industry, to share their recent findings on a range of topics related to Bio- and Nano-Sensors, Bioelectronics, Chemical Sensors, Physical Sensors, Sensor Applications, and Smart Systems. It will focus on significant advances in the area of sensorics, enabling increased sensitivity, portability, and connectivity. Therefore, the target participants for the proposed conference are experts in the sensors community while, at the same time, the conference is expected to be mutually beneficial for young researchers and students.

We look forward to welcoming you at this exciting meeting in Dresden.

21–23 June 2021 The annual meeting of the Italian Synchrotron Radiation Society (SILS)

Bologna, Italy

The annual meeting of the Italian Synchrotron Radiation Society (SILS, will be held from June 21th to June 23th, 2021 in Bologna, Italy (

The conference aims to bring together the wide Italian community working on applications and instrumentation of synchrotron radiation. It will serve as a forum to highlight recent scientific results in different fields and to present the current status and future directions of synchrotron radiation and free electron laser sources.

The conference location is in the heart of the Monumental Complex of San Giovanni in Monte, in what was once the dining-hall of the nunnery of the Lateran Canons, against the backdrop of the beautiful sixteenth-century fresco by Bartolomeo Cesi. Plenary lectures will take place at the Giorgio Prodi lecture hall, while the adjoining rooms will be used for parallel sessions and coffee breaks.

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