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This section is dedicated to advancing research in the area of health informatics. Health informatics is a rapidly advancing interdisciplinary field of research and development. This section is intended to facilitate interdisciplinary discourse and exchange/transfer of knowledge among specialists at the crossroads of health, computing, information, and cognitive sciences. The objective of the section is to draw together specialists who are engaged in research, development, and teaching of health informatics in academia and healthcare settings. Contributions, such as original research articles, reviews, mini reviews, letters, and communications, on all aspects of health informatics (such as public health informatics, consumer health informatics, nursing informatics, information engineering in healthcare, data science in healthcare, among others), will be considered. We invite researchers to submit manuscripts dealing with different aspects of health informatics.

The purpose of this section is to contribute to a better understanding of health informatics systems, frameworks, and techniques that improve different aspects of healthcare. We are interested in systematic analysis, design, and evaluation of health informatics systems that can support stakeholders in the health field (such as healthcare practitioners, clinicians, researchers, policymakers, and decision makers). Topics include, but are not limited to, the following areas:

  • Human-centered health data analytics
  • Human–data interaction involving health data
  • Evidence-based health informatics
  • Visual analytics to improve healthcare
  • Visualization of health data
  • Task analysis and design in healthcare
  • Machine learning for health data
  • Explainable AI in health
  • Electronic and personal health records
  • Decision support systems in health
  • Systems for health information search
  • Informatics for precision medicine
  • Big data in health informatics
  • Design thinking for health informatics


  • health data
  • big data
  • health data ontologies
  • data analytics
  • data mining
  • electronic health records
  • personal health records
  • structured data
  • unstructured data
  • human–data interaction
  • human–information interaction
  • human-centered design
  • human–computer interaction
  • human-centered health systems
  • user–computer interface
  • health tasks
  • design, evaluation
  • design thinking
  • visual analytics
  • visualization
  • information visualization
  • clinical data graphics
  • interactive visualizations
  • progressive visual analytics
  • decision theory
  • digital health
  • user studies
  • interaction design
  • activity theory
  • distributed cognition
  • evidence-based healthcare
  • health systems
  • machine learning
  • cognitive computing
  • health information search and triage
  • public health
  • decision support
  • analytics pipeline
  • healthcare analytics
  • social media
  • twitter
  • digitization
  • computer games for health
  • interactive machine learning
  • design knowledge, prototype
  • systematic review
  • information storage and retrieval
  • health information technology
  • cognitive informatics

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