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A section of International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health (ISSN 1660-4601).

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Environmental health research, which IJERPH has pursued since the journal's establishment, is not widely found among nursing journals. The most recent developments in the nursing discipline and its evolution worldwide necessitate framing this topic in a global perspective, giving rise to a new discipline and section in the journal: global nursing. Topics of interest for this section include: the global shortage of nursing personnel; the evolution of security measures in relation to the growing spread of zoonoses and pandemic threats; the response to growing social pressures, in particular to minorities, migrants, and refugees; and the diversification of study abroad programs.

Quality of care remains the primary aim of clinical nursing. This section should aim to cover topics concerning medication error from a broad perspective, considering measures that can prevent the error-inducing factors in nursing work.


healthcare workers; nursing care delivery; occupational health; nursing intervention; nursing practice; nurse work environment; nursing training

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